Hopi End Times Prophecy

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    Okay, I know that not everybody believes in foresight. I know that prophecies can be unreliable. However, a couple of things came up in my searches recently that made me re-evaluate my opinions of the 'stories' that my mother fed me as a child.

    This link is to a transliteration of the prophecy:
    THE HOPI PROPECY of the Blue & Red Star Kachina’s | Awakening As One
    Pay close attention to the mention of 'the twins.

    This is an article about a comet due late this year:
    The Year of the Comets: Three Reasons Why 2013 Could be the Best Ever
    This time, it's the text under the 6th picture, which mentions that comet Ison comes from Gemini.

    This is some pictures of two comets in the sky at the same time:
    Stargazers Photograph Comet Pan-STARRS and Lemmon in Night Sky | Space.com

    Does anyone besides me see a significance? If the Hopi are right, then we might have seven years.
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    I think prophecies are most often interpreted incorrectly, but I am not willing to claim they are not "real". I often experience times I had previously seen, it's strange. In fact, the exact moment I realize the experience for what it is, I am fascinated at the detail and exactness of the event I had previously envisioned. I do keep a dream journal and record my meditative visions, so I can reference them. Now, if a "person" actually experienced something in foresight which would seem like the end of the world, I can see how a prophecy it would make. Still, interpreting it would be difficult, and it may only be a personal event. Finally, nobody should accept a prophecy which is not their own; there are just too many variables and happenings open to interpretation.
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    @Brokor - As far as prophesy is concerned, you hit the nail on the head. One of the best descriptions of prophesy I've ever read came from a fantasy book in the "Sword of Truth" series. I can't remember which book it was in, but one of the characters is a Prophet, an honest to goodness SEER with the ability to see the future. The problem is/was that it all depended. Many of the prophecies were forked, sometimes several times and no matter how many times he saw the exact same Prophecy, and how eloquent he eventually became (he lived in a city that was under a spell and didn't age), relating the "experience" of the Prophecy to another through spoken or written words was never the same.

    Either it's open to interpretation or the prophecy/vision/insight that is crystal clear to us is so clear precisely because of how it was presented. Sure, the vision showed the world blowing up...because that is what WE would understand as the end of the world...does that mean the world is going to blow up (example, please pay it no mind).
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    @DarkLight I think his name was Nathan Rahl. Yeah, interesting interpretation with the SOT novels. =)
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    I too know this series. I have read all of them that were in print at the time. i believe one or two more have come into print since. i shall look into it.;)
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