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Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by drthtater, May 21, 2010.

  1. drthtater

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    I'm looking for extremely depressing books. I know, I'm weird, but it's what I like to read.

    Preferably PAW related, or SciFi, along the lines of On The Beach, or The Road.

    There are too many happy endings out there.
  2. Jennie_in_Iowa

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    :) I've got a book for you.
    3 actually.

    American Apocalypse.
    He's written AAI, AAII and AAIII, two of which are available in physical form, all of them are available for free in blog format. He's currently writing his way through AAIV.

    Wonderful books, very few happy endings. Generally well written, really well researched.


    One more, "Oryx and Crake." Often described as disturbing. I really liked it. Not a happy ending. Yes it's Margaret Atwood, get past that, it's worth your time.
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    Seconded! That is a good story. I didn't know Nova had gotten it put into a book, I lost track of the story after DC burned up! Thanks for the heads up Jennie.
  4. Jennie_in_Iowa

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    :D I'm all about spreading the Nova love.
  5. drthtater

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    Forgot all about this. Not long after posting this, I found One, by Conrad Williams.

    Holy crap that was intense. There are a few scenes in that book that will stick with me until I die.
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    It seems like an interesting book. I'll look for it in the library. It was interesting reading the blurbs of the different post apocalyptic books featured on that Amazon page. I scrolled down the Amazon page mentioned in the link above, and found to my amusement, a book authored by G.W. Bush with the title of "Decision Points" Go figure!!!
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    Wow, thanks. New authors to read!
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    The auther of the Road, Cormac McCarthy, has wtitten many dark novels. Right now I am reading Blood Meridian. Terrific.
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