Hoping You Haven't Fallen for their False Claims

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    Hoping You Haven't Fallen for their False Claims

    It's been a long time coming. We've mostly held our tongues ... though we have continually tried to communicate the facts involved in prepping and planning with storage food. We've pointed out very recently in fact that some sellers sell food that has been on their shelves for years ... at full price, without revealing that fact (selling foods, for instance, that were discontinued long ago).

    Some of these same sellers also routinely misrepresent the nutritional-caloric value of their food packages in order to attract uninformed customers and convince them they are getting way more than they actually are in time-period sustenance in their storage food.

    According to the medical community, a bare minimum average calorie intake for survival is 2000 calories a day. Calories per day is how you must figure and plan your emergency survival food stock.

    Sunday morning, this well-known vendor sent out another email, part of which is pasted above. We think it's outrageous how they get away with such blatant misrepresentation. We won't even take this to the quality of their in-house brand.

    But here are the facts:
    • Their advertised "3-Month Supply" of Mountain House food provides caloric sustenance for only 1 month.
    • Their "Six Month Supply" is actually a two-month supply of food.
    • Their "One Year Supply" will sustain a person for less than 6 months.
    Here's what you get from us:
    • Our current MH sale on both cans and pouches provides far greater discounts. We always match or beat any MH price out there.
    • If we sell a time-period food package, it is based on the 2000-calories per day baseline.
    • All our foods ship fresh as can be. Even though you are buying "storage food," you can be confident that the foods you buy from us have not been lingering for many months or even years in a warehouse. (Or in non-climate controlled buildings or truck trailers.)
    • We always ship FREE (no minimum order required).
    • Often, our club member discounts, and the 2016 Member Rewards program that applies to every purchase adds even more real value to every member purchase.
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    Woot an other "bargain" sites run many offers like that many off brands that you never heard of and in 2 years will likely be out of business.

    IMHO buy name brands like Mountain House that have been around for many years and from reputable vendors like a vendor who supports this board.
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