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    Tobit, I'm almost 55 years old. I'm pleased to say that THAT has never been my style. I have several new holes in my belt from trying to avoid that situation. ;-)
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I broke into a new dimension of fitness this morning, reaching 167.2 pounds of lean old retired Marine. My lowest historical weights have been at age fourteen when I seem to remember weighing exactly 150 pounds, and at age forty-two, when I went from an unhealthy 235 pounds, down to an equally unhealthy looking 168 pounds on the Atkins Diet. Today I look great, feel great, sleep great and I'm enjoying life,,, and food. To steal a line from G. Gordon Liddy. "I'm virile, vigorous, and potent!"

    I tried on some old khakis last night and found them almost a perfect fit. All my work uniforms are getting exchanged for more appropriate sizes. Oldest suit, which might be stylish again in a few years, is going to need a little taking in. Newest one will need a great deal of taking in.with a six inch decrease in waist size. My good dress belt is a 42". I saw a beautiful Redwing dress belt the other day, and added it to my Christmas list.

    Lots of F-words I have much to be thankful for this year. Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Food. ;-)
  4. hot diggity

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    I survived all the sweets and starches of Thanksgiving, and got home sleepy and miserable. To add to this food induced misery I managed to tweak something in my middle back when simply turning to reach a tissue. Ungrateful cat didn't have a clue how much pain I endured to wipe her little nose.

    Alternating ice pack (Frozen low carb tortilla wraps that I no longer eat) and a hot bath helped. Tylenol and Aleve is the order of the day today. Already feeling much more solid again. The big question now is what sort of exercise I'm lacking to strengthen my back so this doesn't happen? If I'd been lifting and twisting I would say that rule 10 about not doing foolish things would apply, but I was just turning my upper body while seated in a chair.

    The only positive side to straining my back like this, is that my new stronger core seems to be able to recover faster, and keep me from being in serious pain for very long. Frozen tortillas probably helped too.
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    My wife of almost three decades said something last night that guarantees that I will stay Primal and not be a slacker about it. She said:

    "We'll see when you gain all that weight back."

    Ha! The joke is on her, because I have broken the code, I have discovered how to eat, move, rest and think Primal. The sweetest part for me is that it's all so easy, I can grow old never giving her the satisfaction of seeing me as anything but a tall, slim, happy old man.
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  6. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    Say that to a woman and you're liable to wake up on fire. :eek:
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  7. Witch Doctor 01

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    Or a pot of hot grits in your lap...
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    I'm doing well with the aches and pains now, completely off celebrex and working on dumping both blood pressure meds and cholesterol medication. Weight is stable at 167-170, but the changes in my appearance continue to surprise me. Biggest among them has been the continuing loss of fat around my waist. There wasn't much to start with, but what's left is shrinking.

    This brings me to a new observation. I suffer from bony back! There is zero padding down my lower spine. If the sheets are wrinkled on the bed it feels like I'm sleeping on a stick. This is a small inconvenience and certainly a small trade off compared to the many benefits of being leaner. Recently clothes shopping has topped the list. New 32" belt replaced the old 38" one, and I'm providing plenty of work for the local seamstress. :)
  9. hot diggity

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    I just talked to a nurse about what might be necessary to safely come off long-term blood pressure medication, and cholesterol meds. "Rebound hypertension" was the concern that she had, and suggested I start monitoring my BP twice daily. Once in the morning before I take my pills and once in the evening before bed. I'll keep a log for about 90 days and be able to provide it to my regular Doc when I get my annual physical done. Cholesterol results will determine if I need to continue those meds.

    It'd be nice to get down to a few vitamins a day with no prescriptions.
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    Ordered my new uniform shirts today. Went from XXL to Large. :)

    The Large is still plenty loose enough to hide my usual carry piece.
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    Congratulations on your accomplishments. You have stuck to it and your changes are showing proof. Your earlier posts told of how you are an inspiration to others. :5s: Merry Christmas @hot diggity & continued success in 2016. I have faith that 2016 you may get off those meds.
  12. hot diggity

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    I was a bit surprised by all the likes on post #50. Wow! Fifty posts on my journey! Thank you Motomom34 for the kind words, and everyone for the support. This is my primary support system. Between you folks and that good looking guy I see in the mirror every morning I am finding it very easy to embrace the Primal lifestyle.

    I recently started reading the Primal Blueprint 21 day Total Body Transformation. After reading two of Mark's other books I have a laugh on almost every page of this one. Laughing out loud as I agree with him about many of the key principles of Primal, but most of all laughing with him and the way he describes this, not as a diet, but a total lifestyle change. That's what I've found it to be, and it's easier and more fun than I ever imagined. I'm introducing one or two people a week to The Primal Blueprint, and they're becoming my local support group. It's great to hear their excitement when they start losing weight and feeling better.

    Merry Christmas to all.
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    It has been happening every morning and I've been trying to ignore it. It was really bad this morning, so it's obvious that something must be done about the situation.

    I either need a larger frying pan, or have to start putting less stuff in my Primal omelets. I think this junky non stick pan I'm using is a 10 inch, but the bottom is smaller than that, and my omelets end up with the filling spilling out all over the plate. I have a whole set of Lodge cast iron pans, and after re-reading a couple threads here on cast iron cooking I will break out the appropriate size Lodge pan and see if I can get as efficient with it as I am with the little non-stick pan.

    I have seasoned and used the Lodge pans before, but never really got them seasoned well enough to make stuff stop sticking. I think they might need a good interior surface sanding to smooth them out. I have a few days before the new year when I will be able to burn some eggs, and get a handle on this situation. I also have to break myself of the habit of rinsing hot frying pans in cold water. I will clear myself a space in the oven where I can put the pan away while still hot, so I can zip out the door to work.

    One more change toward healthier living. Even my vocabulary has improved. I had to look it up to be sure I pronounced it correctly, but now I can say I eschew grains, as well as non-stick pans.
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    I use exclusively stainless steel pans and have for the last 14 years since my wife got very sick due to mold in our home. Testing showed PTFE that brakes down when heated from the pans in her system.

    The way to clean any metal pan is to "deglaze" them. We use FatWorks animal fats for the oil and then when the omlete or other dish/meat is done cooking, we simply add water to the pan and set the burner the heat to high, get the water boiling, then gently use a flat wooden or SS spatula across the pan to loosen the contents.

    Turn the burner off and let cool. Then washing/clean-up is a breeze.
    edit: found a link with the procedure.

    Where i deviate from the video, I NEVER use Barkeepers friend on the pans. We use a nylon "scotch bright" /sponge with soap.

    The link below is for dishes where you want to use the " deglazing " product for the dish
    Why You Shouldn't Take a Pan Off the Stove Until It's Clean — Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn

    Edit: did not see the video uses Bar Keepers helper on the pan. I have used this for heavily burnt beans or stew, but never on a frying pan.
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    I missed my beach run this weekend because I had to work, so I'm feeling like I'm neglecting the Primal exercise component.
    My solution has been to run up and down the industrial stairs at work and do a planks routine during lunch. This has brightened my day considerably, and now I'm looking for a place to put a pull-up bar. I had been doing the bulk of my exercise in the evenings, when I was already tired. Doing them at work during slack time is both efficient and motivating.
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  17. AD1

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    I have to try that. Thx

    You have to use caution with "bi or tri metal pans when heating to high heat. We have had at least one have the bonding solder melt and ruin the pan due to seperation of the metal laminate.

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    I've made a completely unexpected discovery related to weight loss.

    My socks have started slipping down inside my boots when I walk. I've already thrown a couple of them away, thinking it was the socks fault. This morning I noticed that when I tie my boots the top eyelets are completely touching and trying to overlap when I pull them tight. Even tied like this, they are still loose at the ankle.

    This can only mean one thing...My feet are getting skinny! My usual EEEE width feet are swimming around in boots that used to be straining to hold the fat piggies in. Oh my! I have lost weight all the way to my feet! This is unexpected, and I haven't seen anybody else mention it.

    Fortunately I have a new pair of Redwing boots in the trunk that I haven't worn more than a few hours, because they needed stretching. Now they may fit just fine. :)
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    Well, I've tried to post pictures, but that's not working, so you'll have to just imagine several miles of Atlantic coast beach without a footprint on it. Made it really easy for me to keep track of my sprints, since I ran in fresh sand for every pass. I found a couple seagull feathers to mark the start and finish of my sprint course, and they worked so well I will keep them in my car for future use.

    I have seen quite a few sand castle snowmen recently, so I dug out some nice wet sand and made one of my own, a little different, with oyster shell feet.

    Still hard to believe it's 27 December and I'm sitting outside in shorts and a t-shirt after the sun has set.
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    I have learned some things about Primal food preparation recently that I though I should share:

    First cold press olive oil becomes a solid in the refrigerator.

    That precooked chicken in the bag does have a shelf life.

    Always put the macadamia nuts far enough back on top of the refrigerator where the tallest woman in the house can't see them.

    Don't believe that the cats ate the macadamia nuts unless you were there.

    Avocado's seem to keep longer in the refrigerator.

    Onions, even if you're chopping them with a serrated paring knife, and doing it "wrong," still taste like onions when in an omelet.

    There's a good reason to open the egg carton and wiggle every single egg. Buy one that's glued to the carton, and see why.

    Morning rituals can be shortened and money saved by careful shopping. Salad mix sliced olives are a prime example.

    Men, save yourself time while shopping. Ask random women for help. They seem to enjoy it, and they know everything. ;-)
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