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    What I found was that at a certain point, you will plateau. You may still be losing fat, but muscle weight weighs more and you will be putting that on..... not a bad thing. At some point your body will essentially hit its optimum weight balance.... at least that was my experience and what I have heard from some of the others.

    I really wanted to hit 200 and did.... but that was the floor for me.... and maintaining any balance was somewhat funny.... I could move three to four pounds either way, and usually be able to understand exactly why... due to what I had done physically or via consumption.
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    Do you have a facility near you where you can get dunked in a tank?

    If you can feel comfortable exhaling every bit of air in your lungs, then submersing completly underwater for a few seconds(5-10) and staying still, then that is a accurate way to measure body fat.

    I have done it 3 times over my life.

    Being a certified scuba diver, being underwater and out of air is not to big of a stretch.
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    I will have to check with the folks on nearby military bases. They may be able to do the body fat measurement. I shouldn't have a problem letting out all my breath under water.

    Being underwater with empty lungs sounds a lot like the way I tried to do swim qualification in boot camp...walking across the bottom of the training pool. :)
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    Here is an article that says the best method of measuring body fat is to "to kill you" ;). Short of that hydrostatic weighing is the best but still subject to errors. Do a google search for hydrostatic weighing and see if there is a facility near you. There are mobile systems that travel to higher end gyms that do this by appointment.
    The Pitfalls of Body Fat “Measurement”: Part 2 – Weightology Weekly

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    Thanks AD1, I will have to look into what is available around here.
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    First place finish in my first 5k run EVER!

    This was the first time I've run more than 70 yards (Primal beach sprints) in 16 years, and the first time I've run anywhere but on the beach since I retired from the Marine Corps in 1999. I was just happy to have completed the run. I finished a couple bottles of water and went back to work. I missed the awards ceremony, and taking my place on the podium for runners age 55-59. Event organizers were kind enough to track me down at work and do the presentation there.

    The pounding from running on pavement was felt in my knees, but otherwise I was fine. Cardio was great, and I wasn't ever winded or even sweaty. This being a first run of any distance in new shoes, with a new body, I didn't want to push too hard. It was a lot of fun, and certainly something I'll do again. I might even train for it a bit next year. Just a bit.

    Folks around me are starting to realize that Primal is more than a diet. ;-)
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    Sorry i missed this traveling. Congrats Sir!
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    Am I making too big a deal of Primal eating?

    I have always eaten apple cores, and lemon slices. Lately I've started eating oranges with the peel on. A little searching online indicates that the peel is good for you, although the pesticides and wax coating may not be. I just like the taste and the added zing.

    Some of the looks I get are priceless.
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    Old Dog, New Trick. (Avoiding repetitive motion injuries)

    For more than 35 years I have been lifting and mounting tires on automobiles pretty much the same way. Bending over with back straight, I grab the rim inside and out, straighten up as I roll the tire up my right leg and then flip it up onto my thighs with both hands on the tire tread. This has been getting harder and harder as we see 17", 20", and 22" wheels and heavier tires. I've noticed bursitis in my right hip and isolated it to this one movement.

    Paying attention to the way the younger technicians lift tires was enlightening. At first I was 100% against ever putting my fingers through the wheel spokes, having smashed a few digits this way in my early years. A little study proved that this was indeed pretty safe, since wheel design has gone to more offset than cars had in the 70's. The lifting technique is amazingly easy, even with heavier tires.

    Approach the tire with the outer surface facing away from you. Bend over the tire, keeping back straight, and grasp two spokes on upper portion. As I straighten from this position with the tire against my thighs the wheel flips over and is positioned perfectly to slide back onto the wheel hub. (that is if the vehicle is at the correct height on the lift) No more hip strain, and for now I don't have to ask the youngsters to help the old man out with the big truck tires.
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    So it's summer, and it's HOT here on the Carolina coast, and I have been doing Primal all wrong. Funny thing is that it's still working.

    With the extreme heat of summer, and working in the heat all day, every day I have changed some of my routine. The only exercise I've done since mid June has been my weekly beach sprints. I drink more water, and zero carbonated beverages. I eat more fruit and fewer carrots, which had been my primary snack food. I'm eating less cheese, and I feel like I eat less overall. My weight has remained unchanged. My arms are a little smaller, but I still have good definition, and feel great.

    I'll definitely start the regular exercise routine again when it cools off a bit, but it's just too hot to do much more than is required around here.
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    I dont do it for a living but when changing/rotating tires on the Avalanche I roll the wheel over a breaker bar or a 3 foot length of 3/4 inch pipe from my conduit bender.

    Once balanced on the pipe or breaker bar, lift the end of it(think fulcrum) lifting the wheel up to 4-ish inches, tilting the top of the wheel to index on one of the top studs on the hub.

    Once one is lined up and in the hole, you can move the pipe/breaker bar fore/aft to "spin" the wheel to line up the rest of the bolt pattern.

    Now this is with the bottom of the tire clear of the by about 2-3 inches.

    You can use a 2x4 to. I looked for pics of this online but could not find one.
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    Keep up the good work...
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    I used to use that method by necessity when I worked for Tomatsu Tire in Okinawa Japan. Mostly steel split rims back then and we did all the truck and tractor tires on the job site. It was all I could do to pick them up off the ground to roll them. I'm happy that even the largest 4x4 trucks don't have anything that heavy. I busted up my back several times over there.

    Thanks for the support and kind words folks. I'm curious to see if this is simply a seasonal shift in my diet. With the hot weather I went from carrots to Granny Smith apples, then added bananas and small oranges. I also moved to more fruit as my morning meal, and away from omelets in the morning. No prescription drugs to take in the morning anymore, so no need to eat a breakfast on a schedule.

    I've become completely unable to order even a drink at a fast food place. I actually pulled into a stall at America's Drive In this evening, looked over the menu, thought about all the free drink coupons I have, and then pulled out and drove away without ordering. Couple this with the elimination of artificial sweeteners in my coffee, and maintaining my good health got a lot easier.
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    If you are eating fruit like apples, make sure you add some protein in the form of almond butter(peanut butter but with almonds) .

    This will keep the blood sugar from spiking and storing it as fat.
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    Almond butter. Yum! I have been alternating bacon and cheese with the fruit, but i like the almond butter idea. :)
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    This morning I had a sliced apple with 1/2 mango with almond butter and this GF Organic seed spread from CostCo, which is Paleo/Primal friendly
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    Is it good? Looks like it has some good stuff in it.
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    I like it a lot. Crunchy and kind of a peanut butter taste.
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    I had commented on my reduced summer exercise program on one of melbo's posts, and remembered that I had something else to mention. With my reduced exercise routine I've noticed one little extra besides slightly reduced muscle tone. I've has a return of shoulder impingement. It's mild, and even when I really get a sharp pain it's gone in a second. This has to be from my lack of exercise, especially upper body stuff that keeps the muscles in front and back balanced so the joint stays centered. I spent lots of time doing physical therapy for this concern. I still don't need any meds, and want to keep it that way. I think this is just my body giving me a gentle reminder of what it needs.
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