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    My second holiday season has passed since I started Primal and I am back to my normal weight range. I will admit that last year I don't recall varying from my standard 168-172. I enjoyed this holiday season much more. ;-)

    Starting on Thanksgiving, I ate a little of EVERYTHING. Had the usual food pains and brief coma-like sleep, but recovered nicely from that. Christmas was wonderful, and I tried a piece of every dessert that was offered at every party . I slowly noticed the scale easing up to the high end of my normal range. I actually held at 174 for a few days while temperatures were in the teens here. I think most of that was from missing one week of beach sprints, but I was happy to see that I was back at 172 this morning.

    Feel great, Got three suits tailored to fit my smaller frame, enjoyed the holidays, and have again proven to myself that I can enjoy eating great food and still stay lean and fit.
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    Great job!!!!!
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    Isn't that the truth. Someone brought holiday cupcakes into the office. I immediately dived in and felt the lethargy. One of my co-workers eats primal so he was feeling the same. Next day I walked in a threw the box of cupcakes in the trash. I decided I would get the office to eat healthier this holiday season. I brought in a bag of clementines for snacking. I have found people are just happy with free food, doesn't matter if it is fruit or cake, they will always eat free.

    @hot diggity wishing you a belated Merry Christmas.
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    It was a beautiful January day today and I got my sprints in at the beach as well as some incline and decline pushups on the steps down from the deck to the sand. On the way back I was hungry so I stopped at Food Lion for a snack. Rather than $1.49 for some pork rinds with preservative I can't pronounce, or $1.89 for some yummy white cheddar popcorn that I can't digest, I spent a whole twenty five cents for three nice big carrots!

    Life is good! KIMG1162.
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    I guess I need new challenges with this new body, so I found a new game. Get completely dressed for work, including shoes and socks, while standing. No leaning on things, and no sitting down. Actually, I've done this before, because it was necessary to stay out of snow and mud, but never just for fun.

    Made me smile. :)
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    I prefer running barefoot on my beach, where I can select just the right firmness of sand, but once a year I participate in a local 5k race. Almost 400 runners were faster than I was. Most of them were youngsters, but quite a few women my age and older, and some men as old as 70 who do this kind of thing for fun. I do this once a year, and for the second year in a row I've been the fastest of the men in my age group. :D

    I'm undecided if that makes me fast, or just that the other gentlemen in the group plod along just a little slower than I do.

    I'll be back on the beach in the morning, undoubtedly still sore from running on pavement. Right now, all I can think about is sleep.
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    I had an interesting experience last night that I felt just had to be shared. I was on the back deck burning some junk mail in the fireplace and enjoying the roar of a Coleman 242 lantern that I'd lit in honor of the Marine Corps 242nd birthday.

    I knew it would be a bit before the fire burned down so I did a set of pull ups and decided to do a set of planks. I spent nearly the entire two minutes of regular planks laughing, since my feet were slipping away on the wet boards of the deck. This is tightens the abdominal muscles very effectively, and I highly recommend it.

    I had started the set with my elbows on one of those silver folding sun shade things that you put in the car windshield. When my feet started slipping again during the first set of side planks, I figured I'd put my feet on the end of the sun shade. That felt like it was working until I felt my forearm slipping along the sunshade. I finished the whole set, having laughed hysterically throughout most of it, and thinking that I would go back to doing planks on rough concrete or grass. Now I'm not so sure. It certainly made them more difficult, and was one of the few times when planks had actually been fun.
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    Time for an update. After two years of first place finishes in an annual 5k run in the spring, I slipped to third place. By June I had lost considerable flexibility in my right knee and in August I had knee surgery to clean up the ACL and PCL tears. They found a thorny looking foreign body on a tether inside the joint, and it has carved a wide swath through the cartilage and into the bone. Not good news.

    I wish I hadn't gone to my last appointment. Nothing cheerful about it. They didn't say I couldn't run, but stressed that I shouldn't. The only good news is that he knee seems to have been ground away enough that my leg length discrepancy is more or less corrected without my built up sole on the left boot to correct for it.

    After eight weeks of recovery, being displaced by a hurricane and eating everything in sight over the holidays I'm holding at 184 pounds while trying to eat right and avoid grains and sugars. I have been out to run on the beach, and it still feels great, but the following couple days are painful and the knee seems to be protesting.

    No pain that I can't manage... yet, and still not wanting to go the knee replacement route, I will tough it out through the spring and if I have to have knee replacement surgery I'll try to have it before hurricane season so I can enjoy my time off. :)
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