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    Aloha Monkeys

    The shop/drawer cleaning continues... I actually thought about offering this here and decided not to... but then I got to thinking about it and how I plan to use all the ones I am keeping in a "just in case" scenario ....

    here's an off the wall offering that has great value to someone somewhat already along in their preparing and wanting a pretty serious, proven asset for a variety of applications... not just the obvious (forge, kiln, oven building)... These will obviously make an awesome forge and I swear by them as do many other.... Use your "Survival Monkey" imagination ;)

    Check out Rex's site and note that NASA is a customer and uses his burners.... Not a cheesy homebuilt unit... and not reliant on electricity for blowers or elements... way hotter than your propane burners from the store or roofing burners... less cumbersome... not as hot as Oxy/Acetylene but not as cumbersome either.... simple bullet proof technology that works and is infinitely adaptable, serviceable and adjustable... hook it up to your barbecue LP tank or others with simple inexpensive adapters...

    I've found 5 burners I picked up, tested, stored and just never used... using two rocket torches, two t-rex's and a shorty but these are just sitting so hopefully someone here can find value and use them at a discounted price for their forge build / rebuild / upgrade or as I said other applications...

    I'll also try to take some pics of my handheld modification and my mini forge anyone can build...

    You will need a high pressure regulator and LP hose .... but that's basically it... hook it up to your barbecue propane tank and you have quite a versatile tool... (remember... buy quality and make sure it has multiple uses)
    Here is one source I've used and like... good people....
    High Temperature Tools & Refractory

    All have stainless nozzles and the propane fitting on the jet fixture
    Check them out here


    One Shorty Available

    $167 + $14 shipping at the site $GONE shipped to the USA

    Three T-Rex's Available

    $192 +$14 shipping at the site $GONE each shipped to the USA

    One 1" Foundry Available

    $206 + $16 shipping at the site $GONE shipped to the USA

    Thanks for looking




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    Here's some of my applications.... obviously for heating metals... but add a handle ;)....

    I made a simple handle out of aluminum... I like this a lot... and with some imagination... and different mounts... you may be able to see the versatility of these burners... not just for steel... but other uses including cooking or baking....

    remember that sliding blue choke controls oxygen and this efficient design lets you run this at low or full on. using as little as 2-3 lbs of pressure... sometimes lower... I never go past 12 lbs... and that's full blast...

    I use this for a variety of applications including heat treating steel... this will take a piece of steel to critical or non magnetic... for the steels I use normally... its about 1500 to 1600 degrees... they will also in a properly constructed forge ... melt steel....

    I also purchased a not so inexpensive compact hobby / chef's butane torch that is rated for a pretty high temperature... but has no way near the capability to heat something or a large surface or interior area to the temperature... ask me how I know ;)







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    Dang it @Bear , why do you have to keep coming up with things I want? Timing is wrong though, so I will need to pass. I want to get my bullet mold next. Thanks anyways.:(
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    Aloha Monkeys,

    Thanks for the comments @kellory and @sec_monkey

    Had a question about how easy or hard it might be to build a forge so I thought I would post the answer here too....

    Pretty darn easy and you don't even need to weld.... for most folks on the mainland... you can lay your hands on very inexpensive soft firebrick pretty easy... just need 9 of them... and stack them... make a simple frame or not... then a simple holder for the burner out of scrap or found parts... drill some holes... tap... and you are set to go... soft firebrick is easy to drill, use a hole saw, or cut with a knife for the burner hole... the rest is up to your " Monkey Imagination" ;) take it apart for storage... use less for a smaller forge... more for a larger forge.. or kiln etc.... it can reach 2200 or higher in there depending on how you stack it and how big the chamber is... and of course how many burners you have going ;)

    Hope this helps...

    Have a great Sunday!

    Take Care and God Bless,








  6. Bear

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    Aloha Monkeys

    Let's take $20 off each one as an additional incentive if anyone is looking.... Posting a few other places... hope that is ok...

    One Shorty and One Foundry still available.... UPDATE - ALL GONE - THANKS MONKEYS!

    Have a great Friday and Weekend Everyone!

    Take Care and God Bless,

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    i gotta start surfing here. you got great stuff Bear. ive been wanting to do some forging. situation here may take a very interesting turn soon. might be in position to get some of these things
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    Aloha @Mike
    Thanks... these are all gone... but let me know if I can ever help you with your forging... great fun and good disciplined learning...
    Have a great weekend!
    Take Care and God Bless,
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