House passes veto proof majority to slow down on Syrian refuges

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AD1, Nov 19, 2015.

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    Good luck doing the same in the senate. The snakes aren't in the majority but there are enough of them to block passage if 60 votes are required, or shoot down a veto override.
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    It was said there was a significant amount of DEMs passing this,in the House. Lets hope they have the same balls in the Senate.
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    Then it'll be time for another EO....damnable traitor...
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    Number one threat to the nation: executive orders/memos. (Ymmv)
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    The thing about Executive Orders that everyone in the government conveniently ignores is that they are not laws. The ONLY people Executive Orders are binding upon is Federal employees. The people that are actually employed by the President. And if they decide to stop being Federal employees, the EOs are no longer binding on them.

    Barry Hussein can send his minions out to enforce EOs on the citizenry that have no effect in law--like the ones about stealing your food, your fuel, your guns, your clothing, your blankets, and your children "in the event of an emergency"--and if his minions choose to enforce his will, then they are merely thieves, invaders, and kidnappers, acting under the color of law. And, according to the U.S. Supreme Court every citizen has the right to resist them with any degree of force necessary, including lethal force.

    Just don't let them catch you by surprise, and always try to have three times as many people on your side and a fortified position from which to tell them to stick it.
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    [applaud] :5s:
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