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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TLynn, Aug 23, 2005.

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    Some people who know me also know I tend to get into stuff and go a bit nuts. Like I'm into my 3rd closet make over (no it's not done yet - but we're getting real close). Or like the time I decided after I moved back home that I hated the ugly dark green carpet and tore it out and figured I'd put in that parkay (or whatever it's called flooring). That was a total trip but my friend and I got it in - even though we found out the room wasn't square.

    So when they built the add on and gave me a bigger room (we took away space to give me the walk in closet - but I loved that part too much to complain), they gave me a small little bathroom. Unfortunately they also gave me a pedestal sink. Okay sure they look cute and all that - but you can't put anything on them!!! You can't store anything, etc., etc.

    Took me almost 3 years to get totally frustrated but I finally said enough was enough.



    That wall is done in Venetian plaster - it's a pain to do and ends up taking about 3 days (or longer if you get sidetracked with other projects like me and/or work). I've got 4 more walls to do (the bathroom is built really funny). That sink set up cost me way more than I should of spent but I wanted something different (by way more I mean I had to get rid of everything else in the bathroom and start over - because believe me chrome does not match Italian). Oh well...

    Unfortunately now the linolium floor doesn't match - so I'm soon to start shopping for some granite tile (I think granite would be nice don't you?). I thought maybe more marble but that might be a bit much even for me. Then again slate could be cool too...

    Of course I'll destruct the bathroom and put that in myself (thank god my aunt & uncle own a floor covering business - and can tell me what not to do - though I've already been told by people who work for them that I do professional work when I want to).

    Anyway I'll try and take pictures of the closet project (which isn't done either - lol it takes me forever to actually finish a project) and show that as well. In this case however, money is holding me up. I've already spent about $600 on the units and am waiting till I can afford the final pieces.

    Blame it on E.L. - he asked about the closet.
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    Cool found an old original picture of the bathroom.
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    Wow - that's a huge improvement! You could come re-do our bathrooms! :D
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    It looks wonderful TLynn!

    I can't believe the before and after! It tells quite a story in itself.
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    I'll let you come over and finish up my master bathroom. Only major thing left is putting down the tile on the floor. Then it's install the new vanity, toilet, and shower. :D
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    Hey TLynn.... nice work there..... remember if you're ever back home and swing through Honolulu to give me a ring..... I won't make you do home projects.... :D
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