Housework cuts breast cancer risk

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    Housework cuts breast cancer risk

    Women who exercise by doing the housework can reduce their risk of breast cancer, a study suggests.

    The research on more than 200,000 women from nine European countries found doing household chores was far more cancer protective than playing sport.

    Dusting, mopping and vacuuming was also better than having a physical job.
    The women in the Cancer Research UK-funded study spent an average of 16 to 17 hours a week cooking, cleaning and doing the washing.

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    Experts have long known that physical exercise can reduce the risk of breast cancer, probably through hormonal and metabolic changes.

    But it has been less clear how much and what types of exercise are necessary for this risk reduction.

    And much of past work has examined the link between exercise and breast cancer in post-menopausal women only.

    The latest study looked at both pre- and post-menopausal women and a range of activities, including work, leisure and housework.

    All forms of physical activity combined reduced the breast cancer risk in post-menopausal women, but had no obvious effect in pre-menopausal women.

    Chores protected
    Out of all of the activities, only housework significantly reduced the risk of both pre- and post-menopausal women getting the disease.

    Housework cut breast cancer risk by 30% among the pre-menopausal women and 20% among the post-menopausal women.

    The women were studied over an average of 6.4 years, during which time there were 3,423 cases of breast cancer.

    The international authors said their results suggested that moderate forms of physical activity, such as housework, may be more important than less frequent but more intense recreational physical activity in reducing breast cancer risk.

    Dr Lesley Walker of Cancer Research UK said: "We already know that women who keep a healthy weight are less likely to develop breast cancer.

    "This study suggests that being physically active may also help reduce the risk and that something as simple and cheap as doing the housework can help."

    He recommend that men and women take regular exercise and maintain a healthy body weight to help prevent cancer.

    The research is published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention.

    Story from BBC NEWS:

    Published: 2006/12/29 01:26:02 GMT
  2. Tracy

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    [touchdown] WooHoo![touchdown] Another benefit!

    :eek:I'm guessing these women had no children?;)
  3. Clyde

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    It sure seems like a pretty easy way to stay healthy. Imagine that.....women actually doing what God intended them to do. Thanks for the post, I think it is about time for the "Get-Know-Your-Place Week".

    [respect] your man. Submit and be servile. [nono] talking back ladies.

    [pregnant] (insert stove picture here)
  4. ghrit

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    Alright, I'll help the degeneration from a serious subject --

    Speaking of stoves, you do, of course, know why the bottom of a kitchen stove is inset from the front, don't you?
    It is a man's kindly invention to allow her to stand closer when reaching the back burners....
  5. RightHand

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    You guys are just TOO kind.

    Actually, I've always thought housework should be a co-operative activity. I love to cook so I'll stand at the stove and provide sustance. Someone else can do all the rest. LOL
  6. TailorMadeHell

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    Ah a bachelor's life. Have to cook, clean and laundry your own stuff. I'm good at it though, so no complaints. Haha. Had a buddy ribbing me one time. Said I'd make someone a good wife. Well, buddy got punched though I know what he was referring to.

    I believe in the shared load as well. There were no slackers allowed or no 'women's' jobs in my family. We all did what had to be done regardless of type of work. Only makes sense that if you want to eat or have clean clothes, you better know how to cook and wash.

    Wonder what the benefits of 'Injun birthing' are on the health of women? No pain killers. Just pull up dress, drop kid, dust off kid, put in carrier, back to work. Pain yes, though how did they deal with it? Might be something we lost in societies 'progressing'.

    Okay, I don't want to hijerk the thread too much so I'll leave off for now. Haha.
  7. Tracy

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    Awww... Thoughtful. Very thoughtful indeed.

    I just can't seem to find the words to express my gratitude.
  8. ghrit

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    Well, then, woman, cook something!!![touchdown][touchdown]
  9. Quigley_Sharps

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    I try to do as much as I can, while my wife is in Med school.
    My 13 year old daughter does a ot for the family, and Holds a 4.0.
    Im blessed.
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