Houston Really Dealt One to L.A.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ghostrider, Sep 14, 2006.

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    Hold Your Nose ... Houston Really Dealt One to L.A.
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Santa Barbara County officials have a smelly, 31,000-ton problem to deal with in a Chino park.
    It's a huge mound of processed cow manure that officials allowed a Houston-based company to store in the park after a deal to ship it to a Central Valley storage site fell through.
    A spokesman for Supervisor Gary Ovitt said a Milk Producers Council official asked the county for help storing the fertilizer on behalf of the company, Synagro.
    County workers dumped the so-called "premium blend of compost" in Prado Regional Park in May. The problem is, the county doesn't own the land: the Army Corp of Engineers does.
    And corps officials say the manure has got to go because it could limit the area's flood control capacity during rainy season.
    County officials say they take responsibility for the mistake, and are looking for a way to move the manure. One solution lets the county use some of it as fertilizer in its own parks.
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    How did they even notice? LA is so full of "manure" I would have thought it would go unnoticed. Maybe it was the "premium blend" that made it stand out in a crowd, the star in the barrio syndrome.
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    The voices tell me I have to do it. 'That's one crappy situation.' :D
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    Who give a shit!
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    It kind of reminds me of how the New Orleans evacuees really dealt one to Houston. Same shit, different day. [flush]
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