How about getting fined for trimming your tree...

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Falcon15, May 31, 2011.

  1. Falcon15

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    You read that correctly. Please pay attention to the section about "Private" property. This should be cause for outrage and change - at the minimum. If you live in this town, I refer to my favorite adage - VOTE WITH YOUR FEET.

    Albemarle Road church fined $100 per branch for excessive tree pruning | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper

    Oh, and please - no comments about how the law has been in place since 1978. The article is very explicit about the Church's trimming frequency - so they have been "fine" for years. This is downright ridiculous.
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    Sure, freely give up your right to trim your own trees on your private property in exchange for the privilege of being regulated and fined.

    Amazing. I suppose many people have been conditioned to enjoy their slavery. They reap what they sow. Since most don't even own their property and have chosen to accept certificates of title and pay rent to the state on land they should own, I suppose it's only proper they should also be regulated and fined for their trees. Only in America.

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    I fully agree this is egregious infringment of property rights. There is a need for limitations on the power of government at all levels. Vote with your feet, certainly, but vote at the ballot box as well!
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  4. radpug

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    Local, state and fed governments are going all out to generate revenue.
    What happens to the new revenue that's generated thru these fines and new permits and license, its blown along with all the other money.
  5. radpug

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    That's it in a nut shell, the erosion of person rights has come about because
    person property right shave been destroyed, you never own your own property any longer.
    There was some study awhile back looking into homelessness, well lets see
    if your lucky enough to own property and then don’t pay your taxes (think of the children, the schools need all that money) your evicted from your home.
    Taxes should never ever do that, people need continuity. You should be able to live on your property till you either sell it or die.
  6. Falcon15

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    Seriously, the ballot box is not working. Note the law has been on the books since '78.
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