How Agent Orange Laws have changed and why.

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    The latest shows the support of the VA in caring for Vietnam Vets, a real change that has gone unnoticed by mainstream media.

    "VA's fiscal 2019 budget that the department already has started serving 51,000 Blue Water Navy veterans."

    This is a lot like the Second Amendment perspective in using steps for concealed carry laws..

    Break down the bad legislation, protect those in proven need and work to connect the dots

    One thing not mentioned is that the testing needed has been denied due to a lack of testing products i.e. a source of AO from the 1970s.

    So the reason to test is not even a valid statement if the Agent Orange product is not available to be used. Just a phony demand for something that is impossible to do!

    Many years ago test were conducted by Australia using the exact ship's water stills and AO. They proved conclusively that the AO carries across the desalting process. The VA of the old guard never wanted to agree that AO crosses over with the fresh water used for life aboard ships and has not to this day.

    So one step at a time to prove the need, which has been done and Vets are being seen and helped.

    The Australian vets receive full compensation and health care. A proven need from accurate testing in the 1970s using Agent Orange and the desalination units in place during the Vietnam War.

    What has really happened is that in the distant past the US Law makers required and funded a "Clearing House" aka Data Base of AO Blue Water Sailors health that proves the connection to AO and Water Stills in ships that allowed the Dioxin to cross over with the fresh water used by ships. This group is based in Kentucky and is available to all Vets that can prove a connection to serving in the Blue Water zone of the Vietnam war.

    So drop back 30 years and you find a VA that cared about AO/Blue Water Vets. This group who managed to keep records aided Vets in their time of need. This is what the Agent Orange Registry is all about and now we have to support those researchers and vote out the Law Makers who stall.
    As we see now the VA has reversed its self and now SUPPORTS AO Blue Water Claims.

    This is a setup that should be investigated at the highest levels and find why two Law Makers are refusing to help Vets and they know testing can never happen since AO is missing in that formula. Testing using Agent Orange requirement by those two Republicans is extremely suspect to motive since it can never happen.
    If you have trouble finding proof about requirements for AO testing that has gone before and the desalination stills of the Vietnam era it is because the anti Blue Water Group have covered up the facts. With research the 20 years of coverup and the links of deceit just snap into place from long ago research.

    If this looks a bit crooked, from the view of two strange acting Law Makes then that may also be true.
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