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    I do not know how to link to an article but in Rawles blog today he linked to an article in Backwoods Home Magazine by Mr Duffy titled How America can be saved that states my beliefs on survival in America better than I ever could. One short line sums it all up. "Can you save yourself and your family from stupid people? If enough of us do that, we will save America in the process. If not enough of us do that, we will at least save ourselves, and that is what really matters." Melbo or one of our other resident web gurus might take a look at it and see if it is worth linking to.
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    You da man YD:)
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    Exactly. I hate to say we have become lazy but a large portion of our country has no drive, self worth or pride. I think pride is a huge thing. people had pride to look around at their home and say I bought this, this is the reward for my hard work. Now it seems many look around and see not enough. I am so tired of hearing the words, "but it is so hard". Yes, life is hard and to earn what you desire it take determination. I don't know where the old drive that Americans were known for went or why society allowed it to diminish.

    That sums it up nicely. Take care of your own.
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    The best way to keep away from stupid people is to become self-employed, and that is harder to do each day.

    It's a good article, worth reading and definitely worth pondering -even for a pessimist like myself.
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    What we are seeing is that the 3%, even if they ban together, can only save themselves, and the rest will either DIE, or become Wolves... That feed on the sheep, and or each other.... So we 3%'ers had better get our collective Acts Together, or we will find ourselves, outnumbered, and out gunned by the Wolves that are left after the PURGE...
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    Except that even a self employed person no longer controls his or her own can no longer effectively screen prospective employees or decide with whom you wish to do business. Property you "own" is actually leased from the government and they determine the proper uses for it. Etc, etc, etc...
    [rnt] [gone]
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    ...."that business? You didn't build it"......obummer.
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    I seem to remember a bakery in oregon that got fined heavily for not making a wedding cake for a gay couple. Owning your own business has its pitfalls as well as being employed.
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    Incorrect.. Sweet Cakes was not fined. The business was ordered to pay damages which, although, is still a monetary loss to the business, it is not the same thing at law as a fine. Monetary damages go to the plaintiff, fine revenue goes to the government.

    Businesses operate within a legal environment and are required to comply with the relevant laws within the jurisdictions that they operate. Sweet Cakes, by denying service to the gay couple was in breach of the Oregon Equality Act (2007).

    Emphasis mine.

    Almost Everything You've Heard About The Anti-Gay Sweet Cakes Wedding Cake Case Is (Probably) Wrong - The New Civil Rights Movement

    Owning one's own business requires an understanding and the application of the relevant laws and regulations that operate within the jurisdictions that the business operates. The pitfall is only of the owners making in refusing to comply with those laws. The damages awarded to the plaintiffs might not have been so costly to Sweet Cakes but for the dick-ish way that Sweet Cakes prosecuted their social media campaign against the plaintiffs; and Sweet Cakes' refusal to conciliate on the matter. So to that end, much of the judgement in favour of the plaintiffs was the result of a Sweet Cakes own goal.

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    In the sweet cakes case, I would like to know how the damage amount was calculated. What is the monetary damage of having to go to another baker, imo it is the cost of a cake. So I am thinking 100.00 dollars should cover it. Sweet cakes was persecuted (not prosecuted) for their religious beliefs, it is as simple as that.

    In the state of New Mexico I can refuse to do business with someone and not have to give a reason, that is law. Why should sweet cakes have to answer to anyone and why would someone want to do business with someone that does not approve of you or your lifestyle. Is it possible that sweet cakes was set up, maybe to make a point?

    Homosexuals want to be legitimized in a world that for the most part really do not care , one way or the other. Its kinda like " I know you do not like me so I am going to force myself in your face". The LGBT lobby, and yes they do have well funded lobby, want to force us to respect them and the LGBT'ers are desperate for that respect.

    I an a big fan of duffy, john silveira, and massad ayoob. Backwoods home is more than a magazine, it is a reference and a good one at that
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    Well @chello thanks for correcting me Oregon is 'special' they have a law that allows damages in civil court based on refusing service. And you are right the business owners did not follow the law. Its why business arent attracted to oregon.

    I do think they were deliberately persecuted based on the large amount if the fine.

    Is being gay and descriminated against worth more than being straight or female and being descriminated against. Why does homosexuality requires a 'special' law and why did they not included all discrimination in the law. Why only sexual orientation ?
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    Because in Oregon, the politics are so far left leaning..... that they don't give a crap about the common citizen.... just the special interest groups and their votes IMO. We have the same damn problem in Washington state........ the minority is running the place... and the rest of us are getting ignored. Our opinion only matters when the politician is trying to get your vote.... then they flip Rhino and join arm in arm with the socialist and lib's.... truly frustrating around here. If you are conservative in my AO, you are the underground... fight on!!!
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  14. chimo

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    If someone could point me to a gay-owned bakery in one of the commie left-coast states, I would like to order a wedding cake for my son's wedding....he's marrying the cat AND the dog.
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    @chimo You're losing it, pal! We need to get you to the shrink LOL!!!!
  16. chimo

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    I'm the reason why shrinks need to see other shrinks. [reddevil]
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    I read the article and while I do not doubt it is factual it is most certainly bias, very much so.

    I also question the amount of damages which seems very excessive for something like this. BOLI was obvious making a statement...

    The entire thing seems ridiculous to me: the denial of service, the huge settlement... It seems whenever religion gets involved things become very ugly, confused, and logic goes out the window. And, while I deeply believe in God and was even baptized this is why I refuse to attend or participate with any religion.

    I also think SweetCakes went about this completely wrong. I would have advised them to provide the service to the couple and then sue the State for infringing upon their 1st Amendment for they are in fact being made to go against their religious beliefs.
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    I am not sure if America can be saved. W e were sold out by a group of people who want a world economy and they used U.S. capital to build it. They redistributed U.S. industry all over the world to build this giant "THING" that they can not control . It has been taken over by corporations who use slave labor in weak or communist countries to produce products to be distributed through these huge trade deals . Many corporate ceos were present in the building of this. I do not think we can recover from 19 trillion dollars of debt. Repaid at 1 trillion per year it would be over 20 years with interest. That would require most of our tax revenue every year. At 500 billion a year it would take 40 to 50 years One person said at 1 million dollars a day it would take over 5000 years. At the very least we have to start it going the other direction. That is one thing. Jobs that pay well is another thing. Better trade deals for one. Less war, less government intrusion. Those are a few things that might help. Im not holding my breath.
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    never mind, Kingfish....His Imperial Majesty Obama has trimmed the 2017 Federal budget by some $10million by axing funds to the Abstinence Only Sex Education program. A small gesture for sure, but every bit helps. Axing the program may actually help reduce the burden on taxpayers, by reducing the incidence of teen pregnancy and STDs.

    Obama eliminates “abstinence only” education from federal budget

  20. Kingfish

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    The sooner Obama is out the better. Over 10 trillion of that debt has been under his watch. The U.S. can no longer cut or tax its way out of the mess. In your quote of my text you left out the best part of it.

    U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time
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