How do we rediscover freedom and truth?

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    Back in May, I warned my Bob Livingston Alerts readers about the real purpose of any election, and my warnings are coming to fruition.

    Agents of the shadow government — the deep state — are using every vile meme they can think of to describe Donald Trump, and are fomenting protest and argument so that we keep fighting each other, and they can keep their power and wealth.

    Understanding these agents and their aims is vital to your survival, not just as an American but as an independent human being. That’s why I want to make sure you see the warning I sent, which applies even more so these few months later:

    The state always considers that a self-sufficient and independent thinker is a threat to collectivism and its deception of the masses.

    The welfare state must absolutely keep the people from the individualistic tendency of thinking for themselves. Government parasites extract their wealth, power and pomp from mass deception based upon altruistic sacrifices of the workers and producers of wealth.

    Their greatest fear is that this will be revealed. To keep it quiet, the government uses memetics.

    You have heard the word “meme”? Injecting this word into the public consciousness so that any meme is remembered as simply a “silly internet joke” is part of your programming.

    In reality a meme is an information pattern, held in an individual’s memory, which is capable of being copied to another individual’s memory. So memetics is neurolinguistic programming. You could also call it what I’ve called it for years — propaganda by code words.

    You are programmed to respond in a particular way to certain words and phrases created by the elites.

    It is important you recognize these words (and learn to recognize the truth) because once you become aware of the phrases and how they work, you will be able to shrug off the chains of modern slavery and there will be hope for you.

    The overarching code word: Democracy
    Most of you are already informed enough to know that the American nation was founded as a republic, not a democracy.

    A republic is a limited, representative, participatory government. A republic is the almost natural result of public order built upon the individual, the family, the church, and business and many, many private associations and relations.

    Democracy is not necessarily a representative government, but it is an illusory participatory government. People tend to think that democracy is evolved or modern republicanism.

    Democracy is truly a veil for a wicked government that places all matters, including personal and private ones, into the public view, for public legislation.

    In a democracy, the vote becomes the single, all-important symbol of citizen participation in government. Witness the movement to turn to another code word: the “popular vote.”

    The brilliant Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville described in his “Democracy in America” the danger facing all Americans should they become deceived into believing that their mere, sole vote constituted all the duties of a good citizen.

    He warned that when this development came about, we should become slaves to the real, elitist and plutocratic powers operating behind the veil of democracy. The problem was obvious more than 150 years ago, when de Tocqueville wrote his book.

    Democracy flourishes where the hard-working, creative middle class perishes, or is not allowed to develop.

    Now you know why the middle class is “disappearing.” It is in reality being destroyed in order to render the individual vote today meaningless.

    So few people vote today that the illusion is breaking down. Some folks say I am a pessimist, but here you see that I am really an optimist. The middle class is opting out of the illusory democratic system.

    But as a result, they are being herded into supporting a different collectivist system, the paper money system, which is less and less reliant on the dollar and more and more reliant on the stock market.

    Think back… did the average middle class individual have a brokerage account 30 or 40 years ago?

    But you can’t be entrusted to invest on your own, else the wealth-stealers will lose the ability to continue their thievery. So today, when you do invest, the financial media espouses a set of code words designed to keep you in the dark.

    Financial code words are especially used to make you think you are free and have a choice. But they are part of selling you on “democracy.” Yet it is merely the mask of tyranny that pretends to promote public debate but always on spurious issues. He who speaks about the real issues is blacked out.

    The people, through public schools and mass media indoctrination, eventually adopt government morality and habits. Every stage of growth of government carries at the same time a corresponding dependency of the people.

    The growing dependency of the people upon government is a gradual, imperceptible and silent revolution.

    I cringe when I hear the mention of “constitutional rights.” There is no such thing in the United States! As one example, we wouldn’t be forced to sign annual confessions on IRS tax form 1040 each year if there were any such thing as “constitutional rights.”

    My friends, we are not under constitutional law. We are under merchant law. The U.S. Constitution is now merely historical memorabilia of human freedom that now passed away in favor of the money creators.

    This means all so-called justice is under the jurisdiction of the “king’s court,” same as in colonial days. You didn’t know that? We are aliens in our own country and our continued beliefs in legal fictions and historical myths is demeaning to our mental capacity and militates far more to slavery than human liberty.

    Prescription for individual freedom
    Most people never break free of popular delusions because they will not read. 99.9 percent of people will not read, so you are already far above the average!

    It’s as if they have some kind of phobia of reading. They wouldn’t buy a book or walk across the street if offered free. The frivolity of life is what consumes them. Yet if you do not read you will never break free and become truly wealthy and free.

    You may become like those “educated” people whose thinking has been sealed within the parameters of education. They wouldn’t dare read anything not in harmony with what they already believe.

    These are high IQ people. They think what they don’t know isn’t worth knowing.

    You could become one of those people whose mind is crowded out. They have an information overload. They can’t see the woods for the trees. These people do read but they have trouble evaluating what to read. So they tend to look past high value and creative ideas that could give them great satisfaction as well as the good life.

    All of the above are locked into the “public mind” — collectivism.
    Reading and learning has liberated more people than all the wars in history.

    I read five to eight books a month on health and finance and many, many publications. I don’t watch TV or go to the movies much, and I only look at the mainstream media to discover what is the propaganda of the day.

    I want to help you stay three steps ahead of the propagandists and those trying to confiscate your wealth and take your freedom.

    People who won’t read are no better off than those who can’t read. I can’t imagine such a collectivist fate.
    How do we rediscover freedom and truth? - Personal Liberty®
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    The LACK of education is commence # 1
    School taxes are wasted , Smack the shit of them lip kids !!!
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    Great Post Dart, I would actually bump this by saying that Constitutional law was usurped shortly after it was written, and in fact we have been operating under Admiralty Law and for profit Justice for over 150 years! Common law Justice died almost at birth, because it could not be self maintained, I.E. No profit could be made from it unless slave labor was added in, and a cost applied "For Justice" It is the illusion that keeps us believing it works! The Vote has not nor has it ever been the "Voice of the People" again, the illusion to keep us in check, The vote is used to gauge the public's attitude of it's government activities which can be modified to suit what ever need the elites have! The office of President is a sham, it's a public mouth piece to tell us what we need to hear when we need to hear it! The POTUS is him self very restricted in his office and his powers, he it told exactly what to do each and every day, and he is told what he can and cannot say and when and how! The banks operate on a Profit system that suits them, not you and I, they use our money with out our permission, and promise it will remain ready for use, but that is untrue, and there is no back up to the dollar! The Illusion of financial security is based solely on the beliefe that the dollar is still actually worth ONE Dollar's worth of Gold! The gov is a for profit group of agencies and you and I are a public corporation for them to tax and to receive a profit from. Every time you write out your name on a piece of paper, you are signing a contract legal and binding, and can be held accountable to that at any time for any reason! The illusion of Democracy is a falsehood to blind you from the truth, Democracy cannot work for the people, the people have to work for the democracy! A true republic would have no requirements like that, because like the monarchy of Sweden, every one is vested in the success or failure of the country, and while there is a KING, his power resides in the people who uphold his wishes, because his wishes are the same as those of his people! I like what Alexis Wrote and I also like what Phillip K Dick had to say about such matters! Many of us need to read these works and see for our selves! Read the Bible for answers men cannot answer for them selves, but look into the heart of man for understanding of his desires of good or ill! Man is the master of his domain, and it is with man that the accounts must be settled!
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    Nothing and no one I've found so far, anywhere, has pointed out exactly why Admiralty Law is a bad thing. Whenever it comes up in discussions of freedom and liberty, it's spoken of as a bad thing, but never why that is so.
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    The ability to read is a key to break away from the constant drip, drip, drip of mental programming being perpetuated upon us at every opportunity by the Deep State.

    You might have noticed that as each generation progresses through their education in the Land of the Free, they have fewer reading skills than the group that went through the educational system before them. Would the Oligarchs wish for a land of non-readers?

    So many distractions that we didn't have to contend with when I grew up. Reading was a major pastime in those long gone days, now for most it is TV, phones, video games, and a host of electronic diversions to distract the unwary and enslave their minds to the tune being played to them on all their electronic devices. Concentration becomes mushy and the concept of freedom becomes a fantasy of access to more material goods rather than a way of thinking and living.

    The future of freedom in America lies in the hands of those who can think thoughts not promoted by the mass media, and those thoughts of true freedom are available in books but can only be accessed by people who can read.
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    FDR and Emergency War Powers (Explained) | Survival Monkey Forums
    More: ewp | Survival Monkey Forums

    From my thread, I submit these reasons:

    1. "This vast range of powers, taken together, confer enough authority to rule the country without reference to normal constitutional processes. Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the President may: seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens"

    2. Habeas Corpus - the Great Writ of Liberty (Latin: ..."you have the body."). This is the writ which guarantees that the government cannot charge us and hold us with any crime, unless they follow the procedure of due process of law. This writ also says, in effect, that the privilege of due process of law cannot be suspended, and that the government cannot not operate its arbitrary prerogative power against We the People. But we see that the great Writ of Liberty can, in fact, under the Constitution, be suspended when an invasion or a rebellion necessitates it.

    "except in Cases arising in the Land or Naval forces or in the Militia, when in actual Service in Time of War or public Danger;..."

    We can see here that the framers of the Constitution were already contemplating times when there would be conditions under which it might be necessary to suspend the guarantees of the Constitution.
    Also from Senate Report 93-549 (Exhibit 2), and remember that our congressmen wrote these reports and these documents and they're talking about these emergency powers and they say: "They are quite careful and restrictive on the power, but the power to suspend is specifically contemplated by the Constitution in the Writ of Habeas Corpus."

    3. Speaking about Admiralty. Let's be more specific.
    This is the case of The Julia (1813):
    "No contract is considered as valid between enemies, at least so far as to give them a remedy in the courts of either government, and they have, in the language of the civil law, no ability to sustain a persona standi in judicio."
    In the next case, the case of The Sally (1814):
    "By the general law of prize, property engaged in an illegal intercourse with the enemy is deemed enemy property. It is of no consequence whether it belong to an ally or to a citizen; the illegal traffic stamps it with the hostile character, and attaches to it all the penal consequences of enemy ownership."
    the case of The Rapid (1814):
    "Every species of intercourse with the enemy is illegal. This prohibition is not limited to mere commercial intercourse."
    And again, from the same case:
    "The law of prize is part of the law of nations. In it, a hostile character is attached to trade, independently of the character of the trader who pursues or directs it. Condemnation to the use of the captor is equally the fate of the property of the belligerent and of the property found engaged in anti-neutral trade. But a citizen or an ally may be engaged in a hostile trade, and thereby involve his property in the fate of those in whose cause he embarks."
    The William Bagaley (1866):
    "In general, during war, contracts with, or powers of attorney or agency from, the enemy executed after outbreak of war are illegal and void; contracts entered into with the enemy prior to the war are either suspended or are absolutely terminated; partnerships with an enemy are dissolved; powers of attorney from the enemy, with certain exceptions, lapse; payments to the enemy (except to agents in the united States appointed prior to the war and confirmed since the war) are illegal and void; all rights of an enemy to sue in the courts are suspended."
    From Senate Report No. 113, in which we find An Act to Define, Regulate, and Punish Trading with the Enemy, and For Other Purposes, we read:
    "The trade or commerce regulated or prohibited is defined in Subsections (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e), page 4. This trade covers almost every imaginable transaction, and is forbidden and made unlawful except when allowed under the form of licenses issued by the Secretary of Commerce (p. 4, sec. 3, line 18). This authorization of trading under licenses constitutes the principal modification of the rule of international law forbidding trade between the citizens of belligerents, for the power to grant such licenses, and therefore exemption from the operation of law, is given by the bill."

    It says no trade can be conducted or no intercourse can be conducted without a license, because, by mere definition of the enemy, and under the prize law, all "intercourse" is illegal.

    So, once we were declared enemies, all intercourse became illegal for us. The only way we could now do business or any type of legal intercourse was to obtain permission from our government by means of a license. We are certainly required to have a Social Security Card, which is a license to work, and a Driver's License, which gives the government the ability to restrict travel; all business in which we engage ourselves requires us to have a license, does it not?

    4. Finally, let us look briefly at the courts, specifically with regard to the question of "booty". The following definition of the term, "prize" is to be found in Bouvier's Law Dictionary (Exhibit 65):
    "Goods taken on land from a public enemy are called booty; and the distinction between a prize and booty consists in this, that the former is taken at sea and the latter on land."
    This significance of the distinction between these two terms is critical, a fact which will become quite clear shortly.

    Let us now remember that "Congress shall have the power to make rules on all captures on the land and the water." To reiterate, captures on the land are booty, and captures on the water are prize.

    Now, the Constitution says that Congress shall have the power to provide and maintain a navy, even during peacetime. It also says that Congress shall have the power to raise and support an army, but no appropriations of money for that purpose shall be for greater than two years. Here we can see that an army is not a permanent standing body, because, in times of peace, armies were held by the sovereign states as militia. So the United States had a navy during peacetime, but no standing army; we had instead the individual state militias, both organized and unorganized.

    Consequently, the federal government had a standing prize court, due to the fact that it had a standing navy, whether in times of peace or war. But in times of peace, there could be no federal police power over the continental united States, because there was to be no army, and NO jurisdiction over Sovereign American citizens!

    From the report "The Law of Civil Government in Territory Subject to Military Occupation by Military Forces of the United States", published by order of the Secretary of War in 1902, under the heading entitled "The Confiscation of Private Property of Enemies in War" (Exhibit 66), comes the following quote:
    "Should the President desire to utilize the services of the Federal courts of the *united States* in promoting this purpose or military undertaking, since these courts derive their jurisdiction from Congress and do not constitute a part of the military establishment, they must secure from Congress the necessary action to confer such jurisdiction upon said courts."

    This means that, if the government is going to confiscate property within the continental united States on the land (booty), it must obtain "statutory" authority.

    In this same section (Exhibit 66), we find the following words:
    "The laws and usages of war make a distinction between enemies' property captured on the sea and property captured on land. The jurisdiction of the courts of the united States over property captured at sea is held not to attach to property captured on land in the absence of Congressional action."

    There is no standing prize court over the land. Once war is declared, Congress must give jurisdiction to particular courts over captures on the land by positive Congressional action. To continue with (Exhibit 66):
    "The right of confiscation is a sovereign right. In times of peace, the exercise of this right is limited and controlled by the domestic Constitution and institutions of the government. In times of war, when the right is exercised against enemies' property as a war measure, such right becomes a belligerent right, and as such is not subject to the restrictions imposed by domestic institutions, but is regulated and controlled by the laws and usages of war."

    So we see that our government can operate in two capacities: (a) in its sovereign peacetime capacity, with the limitations placed upon it by the Constitution and restrictions placed upon it by We, the People, or (b) in a wartime capacity, where it may operate in its belligerent capacity governed not by the Constitution, but only by the laws of war.

    In Section 1 7 of the Act of October 6, 1 91 7, the Trading With the Enemy Act (Exhibit 67):
    "That the district courts of the United States are hereby given jurisdiction to make and enter all such rules as to notice and otherwise; and all such orders and decrees; and to issue such process as may be necessary and proper in the premises to enforce the provisions of this Act."

    Here we have Congress conferring upon the district courts of the United States the booty jurisdiction, the jurisdiction over enemy property within the continental united States. And at the time of the original, unamended, Trading with the Enemy Act, we were indeed at war, a World war, and so booty jurisdiction over enemies' property in the courts was appropriate. At that time, remember, we were not yet declared "the enemy". We were excluded from the provisions of the original Act.

    In 1934 Congress passed an Act merging equity and law abolishing common law. This Act, known as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures Act, was not to come into effect until 6 months after the letter of transmittal from the Supreme Court to Congress. The Supreme Court refused transmittal and the transmittal did not occur until Franklin D. Roosevelt stacked the Supreme Court in 1938 (Exhibits 67(a) and (b)).

    But on March the 9th of 1933, the American people were declared to be the enemy under the amended version of the Trading With the Enemy Act. What jurisdiction were We, the People, then placed under? We were now the booty jurisdiction given to the district courts by Congress. It was no longer be necessary , or of any value at all, to bring the Constitution for the United States with us upon entering a courtroom, for that court was no longer a court of common law, but a tribunal under wartime booty jurisdiction.

    Again, read my thread on Emergency War Powers. There's a great deal I haven't covered, to include precisely how we are the enemy to the corporate oligarchy. Admiralty is the function by which commercial law operates, it is not beneficial to the people, and it only serves the master --"Government".
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    Sorry charley, that does NOT say or even imply why Admiralty Law is bad. All it does is trace some history and point out where land laws are different in specific circumstances. There is nothing evil about Admiralty Law per se. What it does do is show how we are now (supposedly) bound by the very documents the founding father's came up with. Your "corporation" and/or the Bilderbergs have subverted those documents or so it is supposed. That is a different question entirely.

    Simple question: Why is Admiralty Law bad? Emergency War Powers didn't make it bad. "Banksters" don't make it bad. FDR certainly did not render it bad. All those three and many more may have altered the effect by fiat or conscensus, but did NOT make it bad for the individual or collective. Strangling it is what did the damage, or so it seems to me.
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  8. Brokor

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    I fully explained this. Admiralty is the law of the sea, now brought onto land. Even you, being highly skeptical, should be able to connect the dots.
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  9. ghrit

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    How is bringing Admiralty Law ashore bad? What's bad is how it's been perverted, it is NOT intrinsically a bad thing. You have not connected the dots yet, the question remains open.
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    I am not certain we have the ground rules all laid out. If we accept the Constitution and Common Law as standard, then any laws which would be extrinsically established and used specifically for war time (which Admiralty is) and is governed directly by Congress (and in this day, not by the people) who all serve life terms, are highly corruptible, and essentially have full ownership over all federal territories (this is also a fun subject we can get onto sometime), would be "bad".

    First, if you would, please define "bad". I am not certain we share the same idea, here. I ask because when it comes to sovereignty, we cannot possibly exist as subjects to be governed by an authority not recognized to possess the authority it may claim outside the limited confines of the Constitution. And by Constitution, I mean the limited delegation of authority granted to government by the sovereign people.
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    We do not. BTW, Admiralty Law is not limited to wartime, it applies equally in peace and war.

    I'll leave that to you, since your condemnation of Admiralty Law has to have some basis that I don't see.

    So far as the other subjects for discussion go, I won't live long enough to cover all those bases. If my crystal ball had been functioning a few (hundred) years ago, I'd have a law degree to go with the engineering, and I could be one of the illuminati. Didn't happen, so proletarianism is my fate.
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    Fine. I see your angle. Yes, Admiralty for peace, since the U.S. Navy is so peaceful.
    I think it's best we stop here. You're not even amenable.
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  13. ghrit

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    I dare say that is so, and methinks it works both ways. Now, I'm gonna go have a look at the deer tracks in the yard.
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  14. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    At the risk of starting out well over my depth, I'd like to offer a few comments on why Admiralty Law is "bad".

    1. Admiralty law is not written or administered to protect the Constitutional rights of the people. It is concerned with the destruction of the enemy and American traitors. The Rules of War are embedded in it, and those are the rules it operates by, whenever convenient.

    2. There is literally nothing to prevent an "Admiral" (the executor of Admiralty law at any given moment--anyone from the Pres. right on down to a common soldier with a weapon) from killing the enemy on sight, or an American traitor (by their definition) just as casually. The only reason it isn't done every day is that it would be bad publicity.

    3. Admiralty law has no checks or balances and no true right of Appeal. An Appeal to a higher Admiralty Court where you also have no rights or legal defenses is a mere sham.

    To misquote a Chinese guy that killed more than 30 million Chinese: "Admiralty Law grows out of the barrel of a gun."
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    Taking it a bit further, Admiralty Law is/was intended for times when the Constitution would be an impediment to Military law. Such as Military tribunal instead of Common Law. It also gave absolute powers to local commanders with out judicial review or oversight, and it allows for the continuation of war with out approval of the congress or the POTUS! When you hear, living under this law, it generally means that a series of institutions have been formed or instituted that Usurp Congress and go against the Constitution for said purpose of stripping the people of certain rights, and generally "For Profit" just like our Justice System. It also Points out every Fed Agency that exists outside the Realm of Congress Like TSA, DHS, IRS, BATF, BLM, Ect.......
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  16. Byte

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    It's intrinsically bad in that it is the exact opposite of constitutional law. Is the constitution any better? Some would say yes, but if it was so easily bypassed, is it really? There is just one power left to the people when the constitution is usurped, and that is the power to say 'I won't'. Failure to exercise that power spells the complete end to liberty at its most fundamentally basic level.
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  17. chimo

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    When all other laws fail, the only law that counts is my law.
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