How do you enjoy your coffee?

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Hanzo, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Hanzo

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    Just one way. What is yours?
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  2. HK_User

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    Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System - 1.1qt
    Style No. 5000056

    USA Crafted
    You don’t have to sacrifice quality coffee to spend time in the wilderness with the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System.

    You don’t have to sacrifice quality coffee to spend time in the wilderness with the Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System. Nested together, this system has all the essentials for making and carrying high quality coffee with minimum space requirements. French press equipment is combined with a pot to press and brew one vacuum insulated bottle’s worth of coffee. The lid separates into 2 cups and there is dry storage in the stopper to hold your coffee grounds. Stainless steel so it won’t rust and naturally BPA-free, the vacuum insulated bottle keeps drinks hot for 24 hours, cold for 20 hours, and iced for 100 hours.

    About Stanley
    As tried and true as a pair of Danner boots, Stanley’s revolutionizing invention of the all-steel vacuum bottle, along with their very first tagline stating “It will not break” serve as proof that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

    • Made in USA
    • 1.1 quart
    • BPA-free
    • 18/8 stainless steel
    • Vacuum insulated bottle keeps drinks hot 24 hrs, cold 20 hrs, iced 100hrs
    • Leak proof
  3. oldawg

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    Hot, black, and in copious amounts. [coffee2]
  4. MountainMariner

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  5. Tikka

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    Coarse ground, light and sweet.
  6. Hanzo

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    I'm with you guys...

    Freshly coarse ground, French press. Black or bulletproof.
  7. William Warren

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    Strong enough to defibrillate a fallen wildebeast.
  8. TXKajun

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    At a Tim Horton's restaurant, 3 sugars and 2 creams in a large order cup. :) We don't live in Canada, eh, but Sweetie is Canadian and we go up once every couple of years and Timmy's place is a definite "Must Go".

    At home, we use a Bunn drip machine, then a pack or 2 of Truvia and some Hazelnut Fat Free creamer using hazelnut/cinnamon coffee.

    We recently got a Keurig machine at work and I was so impressed that I bought one for home foor Christmas (only have 4 more days to wait before we can unwrap it and use it. Hooray! LOL). Unfortunately, 2 days later the Keurig at work died. :( Bummer. Fortunately, I bought a much less complicated one, so I anticipate we'll get years of service out of it. Also got the "brew your own coffee brand" inserts so we don't have to buy those expensive K-cups. And it just so happens we've got a can of Tim Horton's coffee sitting in our stores. WOOHOOO!

  9. techsar

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    We don't go overboard, but have come to the conclusion that some coffes are just for looks...or removing rust ;)
    We've been getting PJ's Coffes' Carnival Blend (it's a New Orleans thing) for several years and brewing it through a Bunn. Three minutes for 12 "cups" (more like 5 real-world cups)...ahhh.
    BIL got one of the high dollar, name brand coffee machines (starts with a T, but can't recall the name right now), but everything tastes burned through it.
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  10. AD1

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    I have one of these for travel and a glass one at home
    REI 14 oz Double Shot French Press Mug, Chrome

    I use only organic coffee:

    First, conventional coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world. It is steeped in synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides – a real mouthful with a bad taste. Not only does the environment suffer from this overload, but so do the people who live in it. Farmers are exposed to a high level of chemicals while spraying the crops and while handling them during harvest. The surrounding communities are also impacted through chemical residues in the air and water. These chemical presences are not just unpleasant; many are highly toxic and detrimental to human health. -

    See more at: Organic vs. Conventional Coffee | Equal Exchange
  11. duane

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    New England, fresh ground pounds of Dunkin Donuts made with spring water in a drip pot.. Water from the deep well, granite, is either full of minerals and sulfur or if treated it tasteless.
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  12. techsar

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    Can you do a "double like" on this?:LOL:
  13. Wild Trapper

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    Hot and black for me. Prefer Eight o’Clock brand.[coffee]
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  14. Legion489

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    Hot, sweet and white, just like my women.
  15. Pax Mentis

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  16. Yard Dart

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  17. Dunerunner

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    Black, unless it is espresso. Then It has to be with frothed whole milk, cinnamon or nutmeg and a little Stevia on the foamy top.
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  18. Dont

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    Black and strong, perked for about forty-five min. on the stove... Sure starts the day!!
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  19. Seepalaces

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  20. duane

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    Coffee is good, but what about the old timers Maine boiled tea. Thick enough and with enough sugar in it that you have to stir it with a knife. On a cold wet day in the woods, I have found nothing to beat it and it even tastes good. My grand dad had a weird pail like lunch box with a compartment on top. The bottom had boiled tea and he put a pasty, a sort of pot pie thing in top, built a fire when logging and hung it over it to boil the tea and heat the pasty. It sure tasted good and warmed you up as well.

    A sort of backdoor prep thing, if you buy a cup of Dunkins, Starbucks, etc at a coffee shop it is about $2.00 and up a cup. Right now Dunkins Christmas sale, they don;t call it that of course, is 3 pounds for $20. I get about 100 8 oz cups out of a pound or about 10 cents a cup, then with that in my thermos bottle, stainless steel and about 20 years old, I take it to work. Since I don't stop for coffee, I don't buy a donut, and it gives me a few bucks to spend on "hobbies" like ammo. Five dollars a day, five days a week, fifty weeks a year is $1250 in a year, and brown bagging lunch will give you another couple thousand, and not smoking will give you another couple of thousand. That is in today's dollars, but over the last 60 years it has added up to a good piece of change and no morgage on the house or car payments. The old saying that a journey of a thousand miles is made one step at a time is true, but you have to keep track of the steps.
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