how do you prep for one of these senarios....

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by Witch Doctor 01, Nov 11, 2010.

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    You don't, a vacation is an adventure. We still have infrastructure that allows this to be a fleeting inconvience. It'd be a good excuse to get another week off work though.

    Also, say you were on a boat like this and TEOTWAWKI happens!!!

    Now that's another story. Where would the currents have taken them. Do you lifeboat off for shore? Would they become cannibals?
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    live jacket and swim fins. I am so outta there!
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    This. People whining over this should cross the plains on foot behind a covered wagon, drinking from mud holes and watching for rattlesnakes with every blistered footstep.

    Being on a ship with thousands of strangers is unsettling. I went on three cruises back in the 90's, all with the same girlfriend. She thought I was crazy to have a knife, a streamlight and all those spare batteries. The last two trips we had outside cabins with balconies, but I still had that flashlight! Would have brought a compact .45, too, but we flew to get there.
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    Hmmm, all that water aound them and none of them thought to maybe fish ??? I'm sure I'd be able to rig up some fishing line and maybe some sort of rod ?? Atleast you'd be able to change up the diet a little.. Are those ships using all electric cooking appliances or gas ?? Just curious ??
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    Amazing.... Nobody thought to rig some latrines and dump the waste over the side?
    Nobody carried a flashlight? I remember being in a travel plaza Men's room when the power was out, no emergency lighting in there, with my Streamlight Stylus I was the only one that could see what he was doing and where he was doing it.
    Interesting that a cruise ship would not have any alternate means of cooking and lighting.
    The lifeboats should have emergency rations too.
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