How do you survive after showing your Wife/Girlfriend this?!...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ricdoug, Oct 6, 2006.

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  2. Clyde

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    Wow. I do have the perfect wife of the 1950s! I am truly blessed.
  3. yonder

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    Wow this will help my wife tremendously. I never realized before how much she was doing wrong. Hopefully this will help put her in her place.

  4. ghrit

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    hehehe. You got a handy bridge to live under, you ol' troll, you? [rofllmao]
  5. CRC

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    smart man.

  6. Northwoods

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    i got a nice little kiss on the neck.
    and then a slap in the back of the head.....
    i think there is a lesson to be learned here.....
    ....yes dear....
  7. 155gunner

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    Those were the good old days!!!!
  8. poacher

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    Now that was comical. They wonder why when the husbands died the wives seemed to be 10 times happier. I wonder what happened to the author if it was a he and he was married.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
  9. RightHand

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    I'd be afraid that as I was "arranging his pillow and offering to take off his shoes", I might accidently drop the shoe on the bridge of his nose. I might then have to comfort him by placing that soft pillow on his face to stop the bleeding. And then, heaven help me, I could trip on the shoe on the floor and fall on top of that pillow. I would certainly be too panicky to do anything but lay there and cry. I might be crying so hard I wouldn't be able to hear his gasps for breath from beneath the pillow meant to comfort him. Oh dear me, how will I survive without the "master of the house"? How will I know "my place". Oh pish, pish!!! Oh well, I better "clear away this clutter" before the police come.
  10. monkeyman

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    I have to say that if it was still practical to do the rest of the things the same way it was back then it would be very nice to bring back a lot of the things mentioned. Not as subserviance but devision of labor regardless of which of the people took which part of the labor but to be able to have ONE of the people be able to work outside the home and make the money to take care of all the financial needs of the home and the other person to be able to stay at home and take care of the needs in the home, especialy the kids, and do so with the same level of ideas and such. In other words when you work for money its generaly not the goal JUST to supply food to eat, a place to sleep and something to cover the body, its also to have good food, comfort, and added pleasures. It seems that a majority of the couples I know now where one person stays at home and the other is able to make all the money (and its about balanced on which one works and which one is home) that the home is lucky if it is kept hardly at all, meals are out of a box and so on as well as the person bringing home the money being expected to carry an equal or near equal part of the work at home.

    To me it seems that if one person is able to make the money and the other person stays home and they work to earn enouph money to pay for comfort for the family then it is reasonable that the one at home make the meals for them, keep the house so they dont come home to a disaster area and do what they can to provide some comfort in the home as their job since it is also a full time job especialy if its one person doing it and it is an important job especialy when it comes to the kids in the house.

    I will say that in our house both of us work outside the home to make money and both work on the things at home, even in that situation the more of the things in that artical that each person can do for the other is a cool thing. Tina brings me breakfast in bed usualy at least a couple times a month, I also tyake it to her any time I manage to be able to get up and make it before she wakes up/gets up, shes just a lot lighter sleeper than me so its harder for me to acomplish. lol I guess to me its just not so much that most of the things listed have to be submisive if it is recipricated even if in slightly different ways. I havent seen the article from the time on being the better husband but would say that among other things it would have included bringing home flowers and candies on a regular basis out of the blue to show she and her work were apreciated, dinner out (at a nicer place than the burger joint or pizza places we generaly do now) to give her a break and so on.
  11. RightHand

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    I actually agree with you monkeyman. When my daughter was young and I was married, I was very happy being a full time mom, cooking, maintaining my home, and in general, pursueing activities which revolved around my family.I baked bread 3 times a week, I gardened and canned, made fresh butter at least twice, and there was always a soup pot on the stove. I made candles, sewed all of the cloths for myself, my daughter and husband, knit, and braided rugs. I painted the house, hauled shingles up to the roof and pounded nails when we need a new roof. I learned to install electric outlets and repair plumbing when I remodeled the kitchen and then I refinished the oak floors in all 8 rooms. For years, my husband worked in NYC and lived in the city during the week and when he came home on weekends, he didn't have a lot of energy left to work around the house. Every afternoon, my daughter and I had a teaparty - we talked and I read her stories and told her all the secrets I knew of the world.

    It all worked and I was happy with my old house and my old car and my old friends and my family and the child who made life worth living. I would relive those days in a heartbeat.
  12. Seacowboys

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    As much as I appreciate the levity from those of you less fortunate beings, I have to say that my darling wife is everything in that article and more. I come home to a wonderful and affectionate greeting where both dogs and my wife laughingly compete for who gets the first hug. The house is immaculate and a glass of beverage brought to me. My morning begins with her gently awakening me by scratching my back and teasing my lips with her fingertips dipped in coffee. I try to prolong this and she lets George and Garfield (my dogs) complete the task of insuring I am awake. She treats me like a king and I give her everything I can think of back in return. We have been married for 16 years and I travel alot all over the world; sometime we won't see each other for months but we try to talk every day on the phone. After 16 years, every single day I remind myself of just how fortunate I am.
  13. ColtCarbine

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    No need to survive here, my wife showed me that quite awhile ago. She is almost everything described in that article. No complaints here, I certainly appreciate all her efforts in taking care of our home, children and myself. Most envy what I have, I'm a very lucky man :D
  14. Northwoods

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    why do I get this feeling that Colt was tied to a chair and his wife posted for kidding:D
  15. ColtCarbine

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    I wish but I have my fantasies :D :lol:
  16. Northwoods

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    so she was holding a cast iron skillet and made you post that???:eek: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D .
  17. CRC

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    If I spoke honestly about my feelings on this...and told y'all how I am when in a committed relationship.....

    You'd never believe me...

    But SC's wife and I have a lot in common actually..It feels good to do nice things for others...and also MM's comments on mutual respect...and well...I just better keep my mouth shut here...

    don't want to spoil my image.... ;)
  18. Wild Trapper

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    I printed it out and showed it to my wife. :eek: hehehe, I asked her what she thought of it and also that I thought, as far as I could tell she scored real high on it. :sneaky: She loved it, really! Especially the part about me saying how well she scored. :D She immediately served me my supper with her usual smile.:lol: She even asked me for more copies for her friends.[raspberry]
  19. Tracy

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    Silly NW! I was halfway across the state when he posted that (FYI-I can't {won't} control what he says or does). I will say that having just seen his post; he's scored some major points;).

    I enjoy being "just" a Wife and Mother. It's the GREATEST job in the world!
  20. Northwoods

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    I know Tracy...
    just yanking his chain...
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