How do you Thank a Veteran?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by RightHand, Nov 11, 2010.

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    How do you thank a Veteran?

    What words can be used to thank someone who has been willing to answer the call to defend the sanctity of freedom around the world? How do you thank someone who has been willing to leave their home, their wives and husbands, their children, their mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends, and their jobs to do what my dad called that "dirty, nerve shattering work," all in the name of freedom and the safety of others.

    Since the founding of our country, there have been men and women willing to put their life on hold and enter uniformed service? How can you tell them that the sacrifices they made on your behalf have a meaning that has earned something greater than a simple thank you? Whether their service was in times of war or in times of peace, in combat or in administrative work, whether they served in our own country or on the shores of some distant and God forlorn nation, whether they agreed with US policies or strongly disagreed, whether they carried an M14 or a computer, whether they made a career of their military service or were a short timer, I want them to know that this American will always view them all as heroes.

    I hope they all know that the simple words "Thank You" will have to suffice because there are no others.
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    Thanks to all you vet Monkeys!!

    A country that forgets it's greatest citizens' sacrifices is doomed.
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    You can never say enough, there is not enough words in the english lexicon to ever thank a veteran enough. My dad served in WW2, He was at Pearl the day it was bombed. He left this world in 1994. He was a proud member of the United States Army, much more than that He was a proud American,who loved his country.............
    ........I never had the Opportunity to really be in.........My hearing was too bad to do what I wanted to do and it wasnt being a desk jockey like they wanted to put me in after they got my tests back.....I wanted to be 82nd I took my out then. I actually regret ever taking that out. But anyhow I digress.........................

    All I can say is Thank you all who have been fortunate to serve in the greatest military in the greatest country ever. I'd love to buy each and every one of you a nice big juicy steak and cook it for ya to show my appreciation.....But I'm broke......
    But you all have my utmost respect, and I honor you now.

    May God Bless each and every last one of you.
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    Very well said, RH.

    Every division of the service is represented by a member of my family. I'm fortunate enough to still have most of them around to thank in person. I agree, that a simple Thank You doesn't seem worthy of their sacrifices, yet has to do.

    [flag]A very special Thank You to all of our military servicemen/women on this day that honors them.
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    We go back with military members to the revolutionary war.... one Grand dad in the philippines insurection, other Graddad in WW1, dad in WW2, Korea eary Nam,I was in Air Force the tail end of Nam, Brother in marines during beiruit bombing and Special forceslater, son in special forces, niece and nephew in Marines, niece in the Navy... no Coasties yet...
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    Very well put RH. Yes Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough, but it's heartfelt.
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