How do you weigh future and Gold?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GhostX, Sep 17, 2016.

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    Just looking at the way the economic system works as a whole, do you think it fits well in day and age? Knowing the history, are you impressed or horrified of the way it has been used for manipulation and dominance? When you realize that, up until a couple hundred years ago, people where regularly traded for what is essentially a metal, does that sit well with you? You could say that we are past that now but are we really? Look around... take away all the labels... see the reality of our reality.

    Our world is dying and at the same time we are entering into an era of slavery that is unrivaled in history. Sovereignty in America is now a myth. There is a tax for the very earth a man walks on... maybe soon the air we breath as well. We have no choice but to help build the pyramid in order to pay for our own existence... I'm not really sure why it seems I'm the only one who see's a problem here.

    Personally, I think that if the idea of economics could be redesigned, it could actually reverse a lot of the damage done... though the only way it would ever get to the point it could do that is if it failed in some way that people could start fresh. If suddenly all the gold in the world vanished at once... who would have the power? Would we rip each other to shreds or would we finally see no reason to fight each other?

    I'm not suggesting Anarchy, I'm suggesting that humanity takes inventory on what's most important to our existence. Gold and paper in exchange for a life of indentured servitude or some kind of sustainable future for our grand children? One way or another, the pyramid is destined to collapse and when it does... I would only hope that they could be taught to pick up the pieces the right way.

    People need to begin to realize that this system was flawed from the beginning. New doors have opened in this age that would allow for viable alternatives that would help restore our planet. Nature and technology could find a balance with a system that embraces the fundamentals of both. Something that encourages good acts instead of bringing out the worst possible qualities in people. Something that enables each individual person to maintain their own sovereignty without anyone trying to rule over them.

    It may sound like just a dream now but there is one fact of life that gives me hope; the future is whatever we choose to make it. A dream can become real if enough people believe in it to make it so.
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    I don't know or care when Trading became obsolete.
    We do it all day long down here...and sometimes at night...

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    Hmmm... Man is and always will be a predator of all things. He will seek to have dominance over others and things of value/worth, whether it be food, water, or gold. It matters not. It is inherit in man. History has shown this. Yet, I don't think man is evil and this probably goes back to our primal days, survival of the fitness, but it does appear that it's not going to change and will undoubtedly lead to our destruction someday...either by war or simply by over population which will eventually lead to war anyway war, one way or another. And, on the other side of the coin maybe this is nature's way to balance man's population. Nature can balance all other species on the planet so who is to say? We are the world greatest predators so killing each other off maybe is the natural course...God knows we could use a few billion less in the world.

    Most of us are economic slaves of some sort, having to pay the credit cards and the loan on houses and etc. Yet, even those of us that are not still cannot say we are economically free for a failure to pay one's taxes would lose you all of your possessions and evict you are any of us ever economically free?

    Yet, taxes are important if one expects to have a community, a state or a country which has good roads, fire stations, police force, medical care, etc. which are all necessary and good for commence, good for economics, good for society.

    The trick is to have a balance and right now that scale is completely lopsided. Having spent my entire adult life outside the state and only recently return, I find myself laughing at what we receive for our taxes...very, very little - scraps. And, how our taxes are spent is shameful. I have seen millions given to countries that did nothing but skim off the top 75%+ then use the rest of the money as it was intended. I speak of Foreign Aid and in truth that it is nothing more than bribes in most cases. And, the Federal government literally throw money away, honestly. Just think what normal Americans could do with $70 Billion dollars a year - schools, teachers, light-rail systems, scholarships...list is endless. We could even do something really radically like pay off some of the National Debt. LOL! But, no... And, how the money is managed shows complete incompetence and lack of respect to whom it belongs.

    Being what I consider to be a realist and of the pessimist, engineering mindset, I believe a John Lennon 'Imagine' world is totally impossible, a fantasy. It is like Faster than Light travel which is nice to talk and dream about but when you do the math...not going to happen soon if ever if Einstein was right. And, even if you could achieve some sort of utopia, you would have to have a very small world population and one world government controlling direction which leads us back to the beginning - man needing to have dominance. So, we're talking about Totalitarian of some sort...

    Now, I depressed myself severely enough, I think I will have an early Saturday scotch and drink to mankind, that wonderful but rotten bastard! That's my 2 cents...
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    'round here it's especially at night!
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    Black van...behind the 7-11...1:30 am...knock on the back twice, wait a count of 3 then knock again...then say "I need a drink of water"
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    Water? Surely, Sir, you mean something a bit stronger! First cabinet, top shelf... :)
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  7. oil pan 4

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    What are the viable alternatives?

    A system with no government and no ruling class, we have that, its called Marxism.
  8. ghrit

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    "How do you weigh future and Gold?"
    Straight away, I have to observe that the question fits right in with "Do you walk to school or take your lunch?" Essentially, it has no meaning.

    OP is again trying to come to grips with the reality of politics and economics, and seems unwilling to accept and deal with things as they are. Not attempting to espouse anarchy, but in effect does exactly that, wishing for all people to be exactly on the same page ethically and morally. Patently that cannot happen, we are all, and all future persons will be, individual until and unless every carcass walking the earth has exactly the same genetic makeup, and even then there will be differences engendered by environment. Remember that John and Yoko got their dreams of heavenly existence with chemical help.

    The question actually is nonsensical. You can't "weigh" the future, it isn't here yet. Gold is easy, and a scale of reasonable accuracy will do. There is NO equivalence implied, nor can it be measured EXCEPT as a gamble. Just like knocking on that van, what's inside might not make you happy, especially if it looks like the hildebitch.
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    It doesn't matter what the game is.... gold, greenbacks, silver, save the planet, someone will figure out how to rig the rules of the game in their favor. Once a system gets a certain age it is obsolete. Change is inevitable. We are currently undergoing change, the question is, How to best survive the change so that we can rebuild?'
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  10. DarkLight

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    Shhhhhh! It was a code phrase. [LMAO]
  11. duane

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    Gold has a few problems as a currency as well. Jews didn't do to well with it, the Colosseum in Rome was supposedly built by Jewish slaves and with the treasures looted, gold in particular, from the Jewish temple complex after the they lost their revolt. It has value beyond the paper it is printed on and can be melted to destroy its ID and still have full value. It can not be eaten, etc, and only has value if there something to trade for and if those trading are willing to accept it. For the vast majority of us, it is all we can do to meet daily expenses, including taxes, and beans, bullets and band aids may well be a better investment. Get out of debt, get out of the city, learn as many useful skills as you can, get productive land with water, raise your kids well, and try your best to survive the coming dark age. Your ancestors did or you wouldn't be here. May God have mercy on our souls as it looks like we are going to need all the help we can get in the next few years. Society as a whole has a lot of nasty habits, for example we have a large group trying to solve the murder problem by removing the guns. It ignores the fact that a small minority of a 2 % group of our population, commit close to 50 percent of all murders and many of those are gang related. It is considered racist to target those committing the crimes, and in this as well as many other cases, the only rational situation is to avoid such groups.
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  12. GhostX

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    Marxism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    That doesn't seem to match anything I had in mind honestly.
    I believe that they are areas of study that people either have not gone to yet or are simply overlooked since they would not fit within the current system. I believe that there could be an alternative to money one day, people just need to put their heads together to find it... kind of like a cure to cancer.
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    Mans dominion over the earth is almost at an end, every system of Gov ever tried has failed, man kind is not content with it's existence unless it has rule over others. Any financial system is no different, Money is the route of all evil, not just a saying, but truth! Learn to do with out, take what you have now and turn it into needs of the future when money is worthless! Don't let the idea of a better way consume you, what ever you or any one comes up with will fail no matter how well thought out it will be! It is in mans nature and that cannot ever change, Period! Get right with the Good Lord, and do what you can for you and yours! The darkness is coming soon to a WORLD near you, Prepare!!!
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    The alternative to money is being Amish. They don't eliminate the need for money completely but they greatly reduce it far below what any townie or city dweller would need.
    Money has existed as long as civilization.
    I don't see it going away anytime soon.
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    The depth of a man's pocket does not in any way reflect the quality of his soul... or maybe it does. Those billionaires we work for. Getting more money every day and always scheming of ways to take more. Sure he may donate to charity but it's still tax deductible. Goes out to strip clubs and treats everyone at the bar to a round on you. Has a new exotic hooker every weekend. Attends auctions and buys pointless things to put around his mansion with rooms he's never even been to... And the more he spends the more gets circulated back into the world. Hooray! What a fucking hero! Please sir, may I kiss your ass and shine your knob?

    Sorry but fuck that. The world doesn't have to be this way, damn it. Even if it's just a dream, it's one I'm willing to die trying to chase.

    Edit: sorry to say something so ugly but the truth isn't pretty.
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    Gold is only of value because humans chose to make it so. It is nothing more then a metal but we placed value on it. Just like we chose that a certain hue/color is called red. A choice was made and now it is so until someone decides to change things. I do not understand why people want power over others. It is not something that is important to me. I would prefer value be seen as something besides wealth. Wealth could become something better. At your funeral do you want people to speak of the money you had or the love and kindness, the good man you were? What really makes a person rich?
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  17. GhostX

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    I would like to be the first to put in my vote for a change. It's something I've thought about a lot. I haven't been able to find the kind of alternative I'm looking for yet but I know it's out there. I just keep thinking that technology opens up a lot of doors and could actually lead to something pretty cool in potential.
  18. Motomom34

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    Technology is what they allow. I was just talking about this today. Samsung has a recall on one of their products. People are not turning in their phones so Samsung is disabling them. You have your device that you paid for yet they can control it. All technology has done is to make it easier and faster to get news. People find people that think like them around the country.
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    Yeah, wait until all cars are self drivers and EVs. You want to bug out of the area? Hope you have good shoes and a bike.
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    Can't they turn your car off now? My car has lots of electrical stuff. I refused the gps gadget but I am sure it has one in there anyway. I bet they can start or stop my car if they chose. I recall they can unlock the doors with a phone call. We will be in a world of hurt if we keep allowing technology to aid our lives. If we misbehave, someday they could pull the plug and we will need shoes and bikes.
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