How does a monkey survive to old age.

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    A monkey survives to old age by:

    Being a Guerrilla Gardener. Plant Fruit and Nut Trees in green spaces along road sides and in clearings in the wood. Plant raspberries, asperagus, carrots, potatoes, beets along the meadows edge in parks, commons, trails and road sides.

    Being a chipmunk, storing away supplies and tools for lean times in secret places in old stone walls and defunct structures.

    Being a mole, by creating tunnels into the badgers den to hear when he is stirring.

    Being a bat, using alternative frequencies to communicate.

    Being an owl, sitting quietly, patiently, observing and waiting for the right moment.

    By being human and teaching your children what you know and believe and pray they never need visit your trees in the wood, dig up the meadows edge, tear down an old stone wall, crawl into tunnels to listen, search for the truth in unfamiliar venues, or sit patiently behind a dead fall waiting for just the right moment.
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