how does this police state end?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Get out your crystal balls:

    How can a populace turn this goobermint around? No fair digging up your guns; too quick and easy an answer, may cause more problems than it solves..

    Ghandi beat the british empire out of india with civil disobedience. Getting Ron paul elected is one possible step. IIRC Thoreau went to jail..taser1
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    1. Print thousands of cards that read: This is an act of civil disobiedance against
    the Federal Government in protest to violations of our Constitutional Rights!
    2. Place them across the screen of every video surviellance camera.
    3. Have several cars painted conspicously to read "Police Surviellance Vehicle" and
    use them to follow Police cars and video tape them.
    4. Ride abusive police out of town on a rail.
    5. Tar and feather
    6. Publish Home addresses of all abusive police.
    7. Put warning posters up with names, pictures,
    and addresses of abusive police and other officials.
    8. Spam-mail thousands of letters with trip-words included.
    9. Begin all telephone conversations with "Allah Akbar".
    10. Magnets, big, powerful magnets.
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    :) More forums to enjoy! thanks.I like the video surv cards blocking cameras.
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