How Facebook 'likes' can give away who you are

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Mar 12, 2013.

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    More Privacy Perils: Facebook Data Is Greater Than The Sum Of Your Likes - Forbes

    If you use FB, here's my solution:
    1. Have one FB account which is your regular account where your friends interact with you.
    2. Have one FB account that is devoid of friends and only has 'likes.'
    To go further: have one browser that is for normal stuff. Have another browser that is just for prepping.
    To go even further: use a VM or an entirely different computer for each.

    Why 'like' things you ask? This is where places like Aim Surplus push info that says 'Hey, we just put some 5.56 ammo on sale. Here's the link: XXXX.'
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    Everytime I see a pic on facebook that I think is great- I have to think before "liking" , will my wife kick my butt for this one and is it really worth the scorn :D . SHE does profile me- based on my likes.... o_O
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