How fast can a proned out subject shoot you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mountainman, Mar 22, 2010.

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    Interesting how fast a person on the ground with their arms under them can shoot. Looks like the only safe way to approach is from directly behind and then if they spin, pivot the opposite way and fire.

    Daily Planet : March 11, 2010
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    But, when they are laying down, they sure make a great BIG target...
    Now, I'm not saying.....
    Ok, maybe I am!
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    While I didn't see the video I replied to this discussion over at Evan Marshals website .

    What I said was simply this if the cops would go back to using that shotgun "And I was assuming this was all about approaching a suspect from behind who was laying down" and putting the muzzle of it against the dirtbags neck I bet the criminal would quickly become as gentle as a lamb when ordered to get their hands where they could be seen .

    Then I get some moron make the comment about how I must like to threaten people with guns .

    First off after seeing this whole story let me say if I were a cop I would have my gun pointed at them and if I had the time to get it it would be the shotty and I would make sure in no uncertain terms MR. Scum would understand his shot isn't going to go unreturned and I intend to blow his head off if he wants to play games .

    I don't thin this or very many of these situations call for a scientific study and discussion's and more discussions before they are under control what I think is a return to simple common sense and when an officer has a reason to make a lawful request has every to make sure the suspect is unarmed and if you're am idiot who wants to make sudden moves as you're being approached you better understand you will get shot by said Cop !!

    Personally I understand from officers I have known that this garbage is all due to this crap of letting these people in here who can't understand a word of English and don't obey the simplest laws we have and instead of changing the immigration laws we force Police forces to spend thousands of tax dollars creating and then making officers go through these course designed to Sense itize them to certain cultures and how to deal with them .

    For instance I spoke with an officer who wasted a weeks worth of tax dollars as did all his coworkers going to mandatory Spanish classes because of the explosion of Illegal Mexicans .

    I suppose American cops are suppose to be able to speak dozens of languages and understand their cultures yet when an American steps off of our soil he/she is at the mercy of the locals their customs and laws and if we get killed by a cop for whatever reason it's just to damned bad !

    Like it or not a cops first duty is to stay alive to come home to his/her family at the end of the day !!
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