How has humor changed your life?

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  1. kellory

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    Humor is a mainstay with me, and has altered the outcome of things more than a few times. I see humor as a survival skill as well, because when you have lost the ability to laugh, you have already given up.
    In another post, I mentioned it was a sense of humor about a prank played on me, that drew my wife to my side.
    Humor has defused fights, saved me a couple of tickets, and achieved discounts on materials. How has a sense of humor worked for you or against you?

    The prank that cost me my bachelorhood, was an eraser from a mechanical pencil. It was inserted into my fuel line upstream from an in line fuel filter. It would free float in the fuel line, but would seal and starve the carburetor when it hit the fuel filter. I never found out who did it, but the truck would start, run a few moments, then die, over and over. It could not have been driven like that, and yet I was many miles from home. I called AAA after checking the obvious stuff, and kept looking for the problem.
    I found the sabotage, when I removed the in line filter to check for a plugged filter (it was fine) but when I lowered the fuel line to reinsert, the eraser slid out into view. This prank required only a screwdriver and an eraser. When I called AAA to cancel the tow truck, I was laughing, and my dispatcher was intrigued, then I could find a prank that cost me time and money could still be funny.
    She asked me what I had in mind for my day off work, since I had already called off, due to car trouble?
    I responded "I could take you out for dinner.....;)" (which she promptly shot down, and hung up. She was new at the job, and had a crew trainer there with her, and had no idea how to respond professionally, so refused)
    (Crew trainer told her she was nuts;))
    She then wrote me a note, since she had my info on screen, saying I had made her day, and if the offer was still open, she would accept.
    We had our date, and many more, and that note is framed on the wall now.

    How has humor changed your life?
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    Not dead yet. That's a plus. Laugh at the voices. No story, just a comment.
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    I remember a friend once made an X-rated joke when I was chatting with them before class in college almost 15 years ago, problem is it was too funny, and my first class of that day was Cultural Anthropology, and the topic that day was genocide. I had my head down the whole class because I knew making eye contact with anyone would just set me off...I can't remember what was discussed in class that day, but I remember the joke!
  4. Bishop

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    Yes I too think of humor as a survival skill I use it all the time when things get bad have to laugh at what's going on and keep on keeping on I will watch something happening knowing it's going to go bad and even after warning of what bad may happen who evers doing it I will tell them your going to need a new Timmy I got that from the show dinosaurs the baby saying your going to need a new Timmy it helps in defusing bad situation when I worked with juveniles and now with adult inmates.
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  5. UncleMorgan

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    For God's sake, Man, tell us the joke!
  6. chelloveck

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    A sense of humour is an essential necessity in navigating the pot holes of life. I have been in the back of an ambulance a few times in my life....seriously injured, and found that quipping with the EMTs working on me, and the ER teams was helpful to both me, and them...I was not assuming the passive role of a victim, but actively engaged in the business of my own survival. Humour helps to release hormones that help relieve pain and stress....
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    Anyone working on YOU, Chell, would definitely NEED a sense of Humor.... Just think of GOD, laughing his A$$ Off... at your antics, on this Rock....[lolol]
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  8. duane

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    There are so many different types of humor and a lot of it is dependent on the situation and the people involved. Many years ago, hung out in a bar in Niceville Fl, spelling might be wrong, and it was a little rough sort of a place and most were rangers etc. Big joke was to use a spotting charge, mercury switch, switch and a small battery and blow the back legs off a chair if you leaned to far back. Had a remote safety switch, so no problems. Don't think that would go over today in the military or in the bar either. Sometimes you don't know what is humor. I never saw the charges go off, it may well be the joke was being played on me the observer and not the man in the chair. Army rangers had a weird sense of humor at best and were da** scary at their worst.
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  9. Bishop

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    My wife calls that pain drunk she said I come up with some pretty funny stuff when I am in pain I had a dog bite through my hand and while in the er the lady working on me kept asking about rabies vaccination she got up to get some thing and I asked the guy doing paper work if he had a akaselzer he said no but what do you need it for I told him I would chew it up and foam from the mouth when the lady came back and see what she would do.
  10. chelloveck

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    If a deity or more in this universe should actually exist, (and I have no sound evidential reason to believe that such entities do exist), then I am counting on their having a funny-bone, amenable to reasonableness..
  11. kellory

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    [​IMG] I wouldn't take that bet if I were you..... this is saturn, devouring his son, zues was not known for being reasonable or gentle, Aries was the God of war, not too conducive, Ra, the sun God was pretty bloody handed, .....only one that seems to have a sense of humor is our Lord God. (He did invent the giraffe, allows atheists to think they're right, and even let's the Catholics think they are alone in heaven.)
  12. OldDude49

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    IIRC none are able to disprove the existence of such either.......

    also should you ever find yourself in the hands of Islam I suggest you avoid such talk and perhaps even feign religion of some sort...
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    @kellory ....that is one hell'va romance story if I have ever heard one! It certainly made my day! Thanks!
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    I have every episode of Jim Henson's Dinosaurs on CD, Bishop. I am reminded of the last show, when all the trees were gone and they died in the ice age.
  15. chelloveck

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    If you are discussing the unreasonableness of mythic deities, the god of the Christian Bible, wins that contest hands down. Saturn devoured his son....the Christian god at one time according to the Bible, pretty much obliterated virtually the whole of humanity....that is a record of unreasonableness that takes some beating.
  16. VHestin

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    Well I'm too impatient right now to wait for it to load the page totally on dialup, so I can edit my above post that isn't showing the picture, so I'm posting the actual picture now, not the link star-wars-troopers-lego-toy-fun-humor-bicycle-bike-darth-vader-other-1050x1400.
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    Since we are discussing the effects of humor, not religion, ....perhaps it was a joke?;) slapstick on a global scale? Either way, off topic.
  18. Motomom34

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    I have been thinking since you posted this topic. I really do not have one example of humor changing my life. I am basically always happy & optimistic. No matter the gloom & doom, I can always find a bright spot. They once told me, 90% fatality rate. I cried for about 20 minutes then thought, nope. I have too much to do. So I smiled, strived and laughed, which made me better.
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  19. Pax Mentis

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    Now this is hilarious (dumb, but hilarious)...if your Bible is to be believed (especially the Old Testament), your God would be as vindictive as any...destroying cities that don't worship him sufficiently, turning people to salt, leading pursuers into a dry riverbed and drowning the masses...the list goes on.

    As far as the original post, I have found that humor when seriously injured not only makes severe pain bearable, but humanizes one to those for whom the rescue process is a job. I remember especially one of my heart attacks when I was lying on the ER table with a blood pressure that had dropped to 40/0 and a young nurse commenting that they were losing me. It took everything I had to manage to get out "Look closer...I'm right here", which elicited some laughter and brought in to focus the fact that I was more than a "case". I was in that ER twice more for later MIs and was remembered by those who were there that night.
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  20. Yard Dart

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    Life is a blessing, for every day that we remain walking on this earth, I pray that you are encompassed with love and laughter.
    I can not say that humor has ever "changed" my life. But I will say that in the bleakest..darkest moments in some shitty hellhole watching or doing something that only the few in this nation ever do, in service to our nation.... random humor has brought a momentary smile...taken the edge off of the bite.... and given guys the emotional relief that is needed at the moment. We all need to laugh, some more than others....for life is a daily grind, especially for those that can't forget the past.
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