How I became an FBI "Stoolie"

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CBMS, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Okay so as some of you know I have recently been inducted into the FBI's "People of interest" category.

    It happened like this:

    I was flying back home from BC, Canada to San Fran. My border crossing was in Seattle Tacoma International Airport. I made it through Immigrations just fine, but when I got to Customs I was met by a glassy eyed customs agent who asked polietly to come with him.
    I was polite, and kinda always liked this, because it gave me something to do for the next few minutes, as I had a 3.5 hour layover in Seattle.
    They asked me their standard questions, and then started to ask me about backpack, or what I was doing up in BC. Then they asked me whether or not I was ever in the military. My back pack looks like this:[​IMG]
    I said honestly that "No, I have never been in the Military"
    "Are you trying to escape active duty? or go AWOL?"
    I replied that "Would be quite the trick as I could not go AWOL if I had never signed up"
    This shut them up about the pack for a little while.
    Then they asked if they could search my computer. Well this is where I went wrong. I said yes, thinking they were going to screen it for a bomb and toxins like they used to, but no, the agent took my computer and said he would be back in about five to ten minutes.
    Now 45 minutes later one of the guards came and took me into one of those little rooms and left me there for the next 2 hours. They ignored my questions about why I was being held, and what they wanted with me and my computer.
    As I am taking my nap (nothing better to do in a room with no windows or natural light) I hear the door open, and in comes a very portly lady, with a even more porky feller behind her, and hiding behind the porker was a smart looking smaller guy who mightt have been the lightest of the 3 at an even 220. My first thought was "Oh &%$^, I am going to gitmo, these are Feddies" and sure enough, they were the local field agents for the FBI "Counter Terrorism Taskforce". They introduced themselves and were VERY friendly and courtious people. They realised that they had just driven an hour and a half through seattles Rush hour traffic to poke some college student who had randome pictures on his computer. I am not going to say what pictures they were, as it would ID me to them (if they dont know who I am already), but needles to say they were rather interseting pictures, but I had honestly never seen them before in my life. Then their interest turned to me and my "Connections" with "Hard leaning survivalist groups, or malitias"
    I said I had no such connections and that I was only intersted in this as an academic study.
    Of course they didn't believe me, but they went on anyways.
    They said that the FBI pays very handsomely for information about possible "Domestic 'Insurgents'" And "Internal Freedom Fighters". They said not to worry as the FBI pays their 'Sources' well and protects them to keep using them. The Sources part they stressed alot, to make sure that I knew I wasn't "Ratting" or "Informing" on my friends, just letting the government know that i think something might be up.

    Of Course they took my name, number, adress, passport number EVERYTHING IN MY WALLET! and made copies of it all.

    They also told me that alot of the information on my computer was a "Grey area" and that it would be safer for me to not have that information with me at all.
    I just shut up at that point, because I either wanted to be charged with something or just go to try and catch my flight and go home.

    Well in the end they let me go, and told me to be careful. Also to remember that if I hear anything to let them know.

    That was my fun little run in with the FBI.

    Now thats a fairly disjointed string of thoughts, I'll probably end up re editing later.
    Time for sleep.
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    I never talk to cops without an attorney; period. They do not get permission to search my computer without a warrant. I will answer their questions about my schedule with "Why do you need t know?" This is still the United States and as a citizen, you do not need their permission or approval.
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  4. Tango3

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    So how did you describe us????radical? ,extremist?,merely right leaning? :)
  5. toemag

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    They already know all there is to know about strange internet wannabes.

    If they need to know more, they'll just get one of their lightweights and he'll infiltrate our holly circle, learning our secret handshake and all of our other top secret stuff. They are so scared of their own shadow and are continually attempting to justify the high budget and further existence, ask Sadman where his weapons of mass destruction are, oh there were none, are you kidding me, not.

  6. RouteClearance

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    If they have nothing better to do than scrutinize my little life, then thank God I will no longer work for the system and pay taxes which they turn around and waste by scrutinizing my life. Unbelivable!!!!!!
  7. ghrit

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    Paranoia grows where facts either don't exist, cannot be discovered, or are denied to the sheeple. (Keeping things close makes beaucoup sense to me.)
  8. LondonCalling

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    Every seemingly tiny bit of information is being collected and collated and WILL be used in "an event"
    No matter how well we think we hide ourselves..we are by using the internet, in effect, "talking too loud in the library"

  9. dragonfly

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    Ok, Now I'm just getting plain paranoid!
    What SECRET handshake...?
    No one told me there was a SECRET handshake!
    Them rascals are out there and they certainly do infiltrate as seen here recently..... where I am,.... in Phoenix, Az.
    But I've dealt with them before on several different levels...
    To include but not limited to:
    Manufacturing FN/FAL rifle parts without blueprints or permissions....
    And the manufacture of suppressors.....
    All of which the company I worked for, did those types of things, BUT they were all done above board, and quite legally.
    It gets you really UPSET when an agent attempts to set you up, and then tries to use you for a stoolie!
    Most are just a bunch of gomer's!
    Unfortunately, one of my former work associates fell into some sort of problem with them and then attempted to pull me in along with him.....
    He was sorely disappointed when I told him not to call, or come by my home ever again.
    He got caught, lying to me, and worse yet it, it was his girlfriend that betrayed him to me!
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    I was reading some post's on the warrifle's site and man,some of those guy's need a father figure.They spoke of insurection many time's.It's not that we are not allowed to say such thing's it's just that as was mentioned that by being on the internet any and all post's made are subject to scrutiny by federal authoroties.But we should be able to speak freely but on that site they were speaking of armed insurection and that was between stranger's.Maybe Im paranoid but I believe that the fed's set up alot of these site's to pull in the rabble rouser's and then invite them over and finally they just vanish.I was getting on a international flight once and after check in and security check there was boarding call.And as we were walking through the catwalk to the door of the plane 3 armed men in uniform came out and took this guy who was dressed in hiphop atire but looked arab or indian.They just took him and no one said anything and evidently the folk's that it looked like he was with just kept walking.Ive been thinking about that event lately and wondered if his family had dropped him off and said good buy at the bording gate then as far as they know he got on the plane.And when he turned up missing then no body has a clue where he is.Except those of us who saw him taken and we have no idea who this person is so we couldnt help tp tell his family even if we wanted too.After I saw that I have made arrange ment's to various member's of my family that if the have not heard from me every week and know for sure that it is me that they are talking to then to contact the airline's and see if I was on the plane and then call the place where I am going and check if I am there and no matter what they say on the other end that if they have not actually talked to me directly then to contact any and all possible authorities.This may seem crazy but if they can do what I saw then even though Im just a farmer's son and as white as they come it could happen to me.If they took you just because of your choice of backpack's then what if I wear the wrong hat?Or pant's????????[cow]
  11. Tracy

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    Whoa! Relax! Breath in... breath out.

    Preparedness is just that... being prepared. No big deal, no takeovers. No stress required.

    Every news station and gov't website tells us to have stuff set aside just in case of natural disaster. Just make sure you have extra batteries, granola bars and water and go about your daily life. :)
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    Beer Tracy you Forgot the BEER! Oh yea and Pendelton[boozingbuddies]
  13. Tracy

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    Silly Monkey... I thought that went without saying :D.
  14. Tango3

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    "thepatriot1976" iz' at yoo?
  15. toemag

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    They are not listening to the electorate so what makes you think that they have the time or energy for such elaborate conspiracy's or to even care what we are up to?

    Time to re-introduce the guillotine, heads will roll:lol:

  16. LondonCalling

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    And can you tell me a time when "they have"?

    Much more time energy and resources than you think!

    Elaborate conspiracy theories, hahahahah, "there's one there" ..type what you want because nobody is really watching

    There you go again...type anything ..nobody is monitoring these type of sites hahahaha.
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    I'd have told em I want all the James Bond gadgets if I'm doing this, to include tuxes for every day!
  18. Valkman

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    I hope they monitor this:

  19. LondonCalling

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    Valkman...yeah they got that[ROFL]
    monitored. spying.
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