how I sharpen my machete in the jungle

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  1. here's a quick video of how I sharpen my machete

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    Really good video. This can be used for many different cutting tools! I was taught to sharpen axe's when I was a kid, a file can be used to build of fix an edge as well as maintain during use. Combine with good stone work when the chance arrives, and you have a really good tool when needed. FYI, A good flat river rock can also be used to build or repair most cutting edges and can also keep one sharp during lots of use!
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  3. Thank you!! the problem with Hawaii is we don't really have any decent sharpening stones it's mostly all lava rock.
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    Broken up concrete might serve if you can find some that was floor with a steel trowel finish.
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  5. yes in a survival situation I could find some concrete maybe not in the deep deep deep jungle more in the country farmland jungle....concrete can work I like a good Japanese Waterstone for sharpening and use concrete to flatten my store-bought sharpening stones when they're in need of repair. I use a file to sharpen my garden tools
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