how is a gun you aint GOT any help, eh?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by teeter, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. teeter

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    how will you CARRY more than one longarm, along with enough ammo for both and the necessary 30-40 lbs of other survival gear neeeded? :) It's not going to happen, people, so you have to choose the most versatile of guns for shtf, not 1/2 dozen "ideal" guns (but which suck for the other jobs). You need a 'swiss army knife" of longarms, which is an M4 with a Ciener .22lr unit, preferably with a good 223 sound suppressor, of course.

    The 223 can brain any animal short of an elephant, at twice the range at which you can hit its chest with an arrow. The .22 unit can brain deer, hogs, cattle, men, dogs to 50 yds or so. You can easily carry three 30 rd mags of 223, (1 lb each) and 1 lb (135 rds) of .22lr, along with a 6 lb (skinny barrel, no flashider) M4 and 3/4 lb conversion unit, along with a pocket 9mm and a couple of magsfull of ammo for the pistol.

    By the time you have enough ammo,bipod, scope, suppressor, etc, for a 308 and a .45, you have 25 lbs, not 12 lbs. :) Only fools with no experience claim to be able to "run and gun" with 60 lbs, as vs 40 lbs. the same sort of guy who "thinks" a 308 and .45 are the choice will also need 40-50 lbs of other gear, food, water, etc, just to last a week of shtf, if he is to be ready for 4 season survival.
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  5. goinpostal

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    I only need one gun!
    (See my avatar!)
  6. Opinionated

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    Whoa! No one told me I had to carry everything I need to survive all four seasons around with me year round 24/7/365 !!

    I quit!!!!! I surrender !!! [loco]

    Anyone want my M1A and my 1911A1? . . for free !?!?

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  7. Alpha Dog

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    Hey opinionated I'll take it but only because Im the type of guy who wants to help a friend. I got your back (lol)
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    I'll get the both in the mail to you first thing Monday morning Alpha. Thanks !!!!

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