how long does the US dollar have?

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  1. 1year(2010 is the last yearof Life as we used to know it)

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  2. 2 years (dec 2012 will be a bad yearforthebuck)

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  3. 5-10 years beforewesee anysurreal changes.

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  4. The dollar will be around to pay for my (natural death) funeral expenses

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  1. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    christopher laird says 2 years.
    USD collapse 2012 and the
    end of the world as we know it

    by Christopher Laird, | December 29, 2009

    Print Devolution of the USD 2012?
    As the first public article for me just before 2010, it seems appropriate for me to comment on one of the biggest stories we will be all facing – that is an end game of events leading to the end of the USD. The implications for the world are no less than Armageddon – like. I mean it.
    Before we get into some details, I have been working on forecasts for 2010, and my study of the USD situation and how much time it has left.
    I first came to the conclusion that it was roughly (and I am getting close here on timing, I’m sure of this) two years from 2010. Actually, the calculation is two more years of relative USD functionality before the world realizes in about a shocking week’s time that the USD is just about to really go belly up. It’s not 5 years out anymore in my calculations, we have roughly two more years left.
  2. Capt.Reynolds

    Capt.Reynolds Ya...NO WAIT!!!!

    2 years? He is pretty optimistic.
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