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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by <exile>, Jun 4, 2008.

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    When doing some tightwad research this website popped up and I noticed this poll in the archives. I'd say sites like this are more representative of the general population as to how well people are prepared with these types of people (read: frugal) being at the top 10% IMO. As most of us are aware the general population is optimistic about how long their preps will last. It did make me chuckle that there wasn't a 6+ months category...apparently you're a hoarder at that point.

    How long could your family survive on just the food you have in your cupboards, fridge and freezer right now?
    1. Six months if we're careful

    2. Three months, maybe longer

    3. A couple of months, tops

    4. One month will be a stretch

    5. Two to three weeks

    6. One week, hopefully

    7. We'll be lucky to make it through tomorrow!

    Total Votes: 1578
  2. Jonas Parker

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    Unfortunately, this is one poll who's results I believe...
  3. toemag

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    My oldest lad would clean us out in hour's, never mind day's. Our pantry is rather on the small side, when the lights go out, the fridge and freezer will be the first to be emptied and eaten. Anyone have any ideas on how to do pizzas when the oven is off.

  4. ghrit

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  5. USMCBulldog

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    When our oven suddenly died last summer, we took the mostly uncooked pizzas out and put them in the propane grill on a pizza stone - they cooked up great! One of my friends actually cooked a thanksgiving turkey on a propane grill, so be sure to have a few extra propane bottles in your preps - they can come in very handy.
  6. <exile>

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    This might be a better option, a lot juicer than a pizza.
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  7. RouteClearance

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    What good is all that protien if you just spit it back out? I would have to cook that bogger before I would even consider putting it in my mouth.
  8. Seawolf1090

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    "....just the food you have in your cupboards, fridge and freezer right now?"

    For me, maybe two to three weeks. They didn't say anything about the preps in the walk-in closet, or those in the 'linen closet' at the other end of the casa, or the preps in the Gun Room....

    You get the idea..... [lolol]
  9. ghrit

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    I'm down to a month, max, and would really have to stretch to get that far. I've been reducing inventory, getting ready to move to the remote location. In about a month or a bit more, some put aways should start showing up each week.
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    I hadn't thought about a sat dish in that way before, and bookmarked the link, thanks.

    We were taught that you can eat stuff like that, they were to be cooked or swallowed whole, and left for the digestive system to deal with, double yuk on the big one.

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