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    Ok lets do the Math......

    1 USG of average Unleaded Non-Oxygenated Gasoline has on average 120 KBTUs.

    That equates to 35.15 KWHours of energy.

    My iPad2 takes about 3 hours to charge up from my USB Port on my computer.

    USB can supply 5 Vdc@ .5Amps. so 25 Watts. For three Hours equals 75 WattHours. To charge from Dead to Full Charge.

    .0075 KwH into 35.15 KwH = 4686.66 Full Charges from a US Gallon of Gas...
    Of course this "Assumes" that you have 100% conversion of energy from Gasoline to electricity. when in actuality, this conversion is only about 35% efficient.

    So. 4686.33 * .35 = 1640 Full Charges.... plus a lot of heat going to Global Warming (all the extra energy is eventually dumped as heat)

    Now if you charge up once a Day, that would give you 1640/7=234.33 Weeks, or 4.5 Years of Operation of an iPad2.....

    ... YMMV....
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    Yeah ^^^^ What he said...

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    Dude and I thought I had inane info in my head. Nice factoring
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    Hey, It is a "Gift".....
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    Yeah, BT's Monkey expertise is a Major in both Communications & Cold with a Minor in Energy. He one those Monkeys that SM would be a far poorer place without.
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