How many men does it take to drive over a snowy speed bump?

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    Guess this is the right place to put this story. My first winter in Seattle(December 1996), there was (for me) an average snowstorm, 2-3 feet of snow over a couple days. But apparently it was 'new' to the residents. We were on the 2nd floor of our apartment complex, and we had a great view of the parking lot, and there was an Izuzu Trooper 4WD trying to get over the speed bump. 4 guys were in it, and they tried EVERYTHING, except putting it in 4WD. They would have some sit on the rear bumper and one try and drive it over, they tried pushing, everything. My mother and I made some microwave popcorn and spent an hour pointing and laughing at them. Can't remember if they ever figured it out or not.
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    Funny story about the People's Republic of Seattle(I live on the eastside of the county). I think they have one bag of sand and one snowplow- I try not to drive the first day of snow to allow evolution to winnow out the incompetent. 4 wheel drive helps you go, but it doesn't help you stop- as one Escalade driver found out on a steep hill near my house- slid over the maindrag, through the steel barrier and into a deep gully. Your story reminds me of witnessing people put their chains on the rear tires of their frontwheel drive!
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    Momma was just down in Seattle Town during their last snow escapade, and even though we both grew up in that town, she had to cringe with disbelief, at how the locals now deal with 1" of the white stuff. She was at her folks place in Burien, and needed to make a Bank deposit, so she drove over to the local branch, and the sign on the front door, said "Closed due to Weather".... There were people inside, but the guy who knew the Safe combination couldn't get to work that morning, so they couldn't get any Teller Cash out of the safe. She drove all over that day and just couldn't believe the cars off the roadway in the ditches.... Way to many transplanted Kalifornians, who have never seen snow before, driving around.... and voting, down there, in W. Washington...
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    I remember the big snow of 1980 in Lousiania... the cajuns can drive in mud all day long... but let it snow....[loco]
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    Meh. Even here, where snow comes and stays around a while, there are folks that seem to have to relearn it every year. I've been known to sit in a parking lot and watch them "practicing" how to start rolling from a complete stop. Or, if one has a mind to, one can go out on I-81 and see all those that didn't figure out how to stop before the ditch/guardrail/big truck. (It's wicked bad in the Scranton area even in good weather.)
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