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    How many vegetables do you need to eat to get your daily caloric intake?

    This should help in planning the size of garden, or how many 5 gallon bucket's you would need.

    So a 50 yr old female weighing 180 lbs would need 2150 calories A DAY, EVERYDAY!!!

    That would be 67 carrots!!!, for one day of calories.

    What's up doc!

    Obviously there would be a variety. But for this person they would need...

    between ~20 and 200 vegetables (depending on blend) to get their normal daily caloric intake.

    A family of four, ~ 80-800 vegetables.

    Yams give 110 calories per yam.

    You've got to have potatoes, beans or peas to make this even partly practical.

    That's a big garden.

    See the linked chart, for calories / veggie type as well as with meats, fish, etc. But we are talking the garden here. Supplementation with fish, game, etc will be essential, unless not practical.

    Calories in vegetables how many calories are in vegetables


    Weight Age 18 to 35 Age 36 to 55 Age over 55
    45 kg - 100 lbs 1760 cals 1570 cals 1430 cals
    50 kg - 110 lbs 1860 1660 1500
    55 kg - 121 lbs 1950 1760 1550
    60 kg - 132 lbs 2050 1860 1600
    65 kg - 143 lbs 2150 1960 1630
    70 kg - 154 lbs 2250 2050 1660
    75 kg - 165 lbs
    (and above) 2400 2150 1720

    Weight Age 18 to 35 Age 36 to 55 Age over 55
    60 kg - 132 lbs 2480 2300 1900
    65 kg - 143 lbs 2620 2400 2000
    70 kg - 154 lbs 2760 2480 2100
    75 kg - 165 lbs 2900 2560 2200
    80 kg - 176 lbs 3050 2670 2300
    85 kg - 187 lbs 3200 2760 2400
    90 kg - 198 lbs
    (and above) 3500 3000 2600

    Daily Calorie Requirement Chart Calories Required Per Day

    Good , "How many calories calculator". For your hgt, wgt, activity level etc.

    Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs
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    Maybe I am missing the point. I am not a vegan. I am looking to beans and rice for the bulk of my daily nutritional needs, with variety being added with milk, eggs, rabbit, chicken, venison, fruits and veggies, cornmeal, and other whole grains. No one is going to try to sustain life by eating 67 carrots a day, or just eating beans and rice. The largest garden you can comfortably maintain and use all the produce from would be prudent.
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    Yes, this is for planning purposes. I guess I could go into more detail, but it's a bit of work and is geared towards each individual and your situation.

    But if you could only grow carrots and you were a 180 lbs 50 yr old woman, you'd need 67 a day.

    The idea is to backwards plan. Hypothetical, If I need 2000 calories/day for me. Then I would need 4 peas plants, 3 tomato, 5 bean plants, etc etc. These plants take up XXXX space, So therefore I would need a garden 100' x 100' to accomodate these plants, to give me enough food in between hunting and fishing or burger king, Aldi's

    Fishing and hunting ... How many times have you gone out and come back empty handed?

    Get it, got it, good.
  4. Witch Doctor 01

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    I think 'd be doing my hunting and fishing a little different... current hunting and fishing laws would go out the door... break out the canoe and magneto and whirr...fishes galore...

    interesting info on the veggies tho...
  5. RightHand

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    Too often :mad:
  6. Old Sarge

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    I have to dis-agree with Witch Doctor. That would be a sure fire way to get your fish; BUT only if you are thinking of today, and not the future. Think about it. Catch a ton of fish, and eat like a king today, but tomorrow, there are no fish!! Now what?
  7. BadgeBunny

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    LOL ... this thread is quite a comfort to me [drooling] ... my OCD mind often does "backward extrapolation planning" as my hubby calls it. Drives him batty, but it works for me! I can see a lot of useful information in here. Thanks for the post!
  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    Sarge.. i live near a river and wouldn't be able to get them all... i was just pointing out that current fishing laws and limits would be greatly modified by those hungry enough and knowledgeable enough to fish for food...
  9. Disciple

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    In a survival situation You don't concern yourself with various game rules and regulations. If you do You will die, unless you want to survive on grubs and earthworms, and other creepy-crawlies. Now when I go hunting, I do take the more mature deer, or bigger animal, same with fishing I throw the small ones back. but when the shtf.......I don't give a rats hairy hind end about no game warden. Besides with all of the "survival-food" manufacturers out there, there should be no worry 3 or 4 pallets of the stuff should suffice for quite awhile, if you go in that direction.

    Myself, I cant worry about it that much. even if I am well prepared, the govt is better prepared then I, even if I have my family, and a few friends and their families in a compound somewhere, the govt will do waco all over again. It dosnt bother them that much.
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    Absolutely true. But you need a "Pack" to defend your hunting area or the golden horde's will certainly decimate the few road locked areas, piece meal.

    Well this would lead us to livestock and hunting.
    Calories in meat number of calories in meat

    If she was able to take a rabbit with her 22, or raise them in hutches. She'd get 187 calories/100 grams consumed So she'd need 2150 total calories for the day from before, 2150/187 =11X100gram servings = 1.159 kg or 2.5 lbs

    How many rabbits are 2.5 lbs? Ok hunter's step up.

    2.5 pounds of rabbit
    14 lbs of carrots

    1 pound of rabbit 2150-935 = 1215/
    8 lbs of carrots. 1215/(32cal/100g)= 8 and change

    For her day with hunting.
    Or she needs to build some rabbit hutches.

    I forgot who, but maybe seacowboys? Didn't you recently start rabbit hutches?

    Note: on the carrots my calculation is off. You'd need 6.7 kg of carrots, not 67 whole carrots for the old fat woman/day. Which is 14 lbs.

    The results are based on 100 grams of consumed veggie/ meat or fish.

    Here is fish also.
  11. SLugomist

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    catch a perch or bass and you get 124 cal/ 100 grams, not as much as a rabbit but 4 times more than carrots.

    3.8 lbs of perch or bass a day for her calories.
  12. tacmotusn

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    I have raised rabbits, and I will again. I raised new zealand whites. A popular large common domestic meat breed. I butchered at 12 to 16 weeks age. Finished butchered weight at that age was 2.5 to 3.25 lbs of meat. They can be raised on Kudzu, or so I have been led to believe.
  13. SLugomist

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    How often do you get a crop of whites?

    Sounds good for the southeast.
  14. Hispeedal2

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  15. tacmotusn

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    I had 6 does and 2 bucks of 4 different bloodlines for breeders. You could breed all your does as often as every 35 days, but I always gave mine a bit more of a rest than that. My actual limitations were on slightly smaller grow cages where I would finish the weaned young once they started to eat on their own and momma was getting tired of providing milk for them. At one point I had a total of 70. 62 finishing prior to butchering. That was too much for one person and my available freezer space. I took to breeding 2 does every month in rotation. I would also butcher aprox. 16 every month once the first batch were of the right size.
  16. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    About your comment "sounds good for the southwest". Yes to a point, but my breed of rabbit would experience heat distress and sometimes kill their young when temps were over 95 degrees. I had fans, SHADE and 2 liter bottles which I froze water in to give them relief from the heat. Something to consider also.
  17. bravo61actual

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    im with you slugo
  18. tacmotusn

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    One thing that everyone seems to be skipping in this discussion is fat. Fat is required in your diet, and in moderation and smaller amounts adds considerable calories to your intake. Some fats are better for us than others. Ie; olive oil, fish oil, etc. Post SHTF you are going to have to get and take your fat where you can find it. Rendered hog fat (lard), butter if you have milk producers, beef fat, I have forgot the name for it but rendered chicken fat. All these add about 100 calories per tablespoon.
  19. ozarkgoatman

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    Have any of you tried to raise rabbits on what you can grow or harvest locally? We have, we no longer own rabbits. Does that will raise 7-9 kits on pellets will end up raising 1-2 kits on natural feeds. At least that was our exsperance yours may be different.

    As far as goats I've raised a few of them. They are very dependent on chemical dewormers that the worms become resistant to. So you have to change the dewormer that your using. We have dewormed with herbal dewormers but you need to grow a lot. They are very hard on fences, and it is their goal in life to tear down any fence that they find. Their cream doesn't seperate very much so you need a cream seperator. A good one will run you $300.00+

    Chickens depending on the breed are great. The best all around breed we have found is orphingtons.

  20. Falcon15

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    Smoked fish, "canned" fish, salt fish (packed in barrels), pickled fish. Loads of ways to take nature's bounty, use your caloric increase from successful fishing and invest some of that towards eating tomorrow.

    University of Minnesota Extension information (discounting the freezing fish part):

    Preserving fish safely : Meat and fish : Preserving and preparing : Food safety : Food : University of Minnesota Extension

    Information from a page called "The Sausage Maker", includes directions on dry salt packing fish etc:

    The Sausage Maker Blog: dry curing

    This same thing holds true for meat animals as well.

    Dry salt packing, smoking, pickling (aka corning), jellying, potting, and jugging - all used to preserve meats, vegetables, and fruits prior to the invention of mechanical refrigeration. We as preppers, should know about these methods and be able to perform them.

    Did you know that bacon was once dry cured after it was smoked? Entire slabs of bacon were commonly hung in the pantry from a hook, taken down and sliced as needed then rehung.

    Salt and sugar are going to be your #1 preservation materials. Vinegar will come in a close second. All of your preservation materials should be stockpiled equally as stringently as your food stockpiles. If they have not been, consider changing that.

    Tac: Rendered chicken fat is called Schmaltz (at least that is the Yiddish word I was taught when I was young). Fat is abosolutely essential for brain function and general health. Plant fats are not as good as animal fats, but will do in a pinch. Don't forget the fats found in nuts.

    These preservation ideas must also extend to your garden. Canning, drying, smoking (like smoked dried peppers - yum), all very valid preservation techniques for preserving the vegetative harvest for the lower producing months/or the year when a hail storm/drought/flood/pestilence destroys your garden.

    Also, if you have dairy producing animals and want to preserve the milk, it is called making cheese. While there are commercial products available to cheese makers like rennet - knowing how to harvest, preserve, and use either a suckling animal's stomach for rennet or knowing sources of vegetable rennet are extremely important! Other items like cheese making salt, and all of the (good) bacterial cultures used for making flavors, these are dry goods and a significant supply can be put up for an extended SHTF scenario or actual TEOTWAWKI with total break-down of law/society.

    If you are not set up to preserve milk, meats, veggies, and fruits, you should get set up. If you don't know how, you should learn.

    My family motto: Prep like the worst is going to happen and hope for the best.
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