How many would die?

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    How many would die?
    We had fallen into a trap of defending our country for wars being fought, not because we believe in the flag waving happy horse-shit we’re being fed, but rather that our children are dying and we want to believe it is for an honorable reason and not just some politician’s agenda. We allow pride in being the best to blind us to the reason we are fighting to begin with. Does anyone really believe we are fighting terrorism or for human rights? How have we gotten from defending liberty and freedom to having pride in having the best ass-kicking troops in the world? Yea, yea…there are ten thousand arguments and I am an asshole, but I’m not a stupid or unreasonable asshole so if you got a valid point, then make it; I’m wanting to be convinced.
    Sure, we can grow the best basketball players, build the best mouse trap, and train the best army; there’s no argument there. We got the resources to do it. But we have been led to believe that our nation is a democracy rather than a republic. We have been indentured by the owners of our currency. We have been led to believe that our government gave us our constitutional rights. And for that, we owe them!
    We believe that each little liberty that we allow taken is only for the common good.
    Yesterday, I stood on a small bluff in Boca Chica, where not too many years ago, a dictator threw thousands of people that disagreed with his version of the truth, into the sea to be eaten by sharks. In Santo Domingo, there is now a monument where the people finally killed the bastard. The people did that, not the government.
    I am working for a Venezuelan company on a salvage project here in the Dominican Republic. I am staying in a five-star hotel, eating ensalada marisco (seafood salad with lobster, shrimp, octopus, conch, dorado, calamari, tomatoes, oinions, peppers, and cabbage) and being served by a man that made less money last year to feed his family than I spent on Cuban cigars. I am working with some divers from South Africa that can really open your eyes about all men being created equal. I am also working with some of our partner company’s folks from Amsterdam. It’s these dutch that I want to talk about for a minute. I honestly believe that if Jan received an email on official letterhead instructing him to line his divers across the end of the barge and shoot them in the head, he would not hesitate to do so. And just like Nuremburg, would say “I vas only following orders”.
    America was founded by those of us that were tired of following orders and believing and dying for other’s bogus agenda. We were founded on a belief in independence and western European people cannot comprehend that. They now control our purse strings and have done a remarkable job at subjugating us and molding us to fit a world agenda, but the day will come when we screw them right back. The American people will not allow this to continue much longer. I believe this. I will not allow my focus or anger to be mis-directed. The one thing we have reason to have national pride in is not our gnp, it is our independence and I demand it back where it belongs; in the hands of “We, the people…”
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    The only thing I would say that may differ some would be that even if its our fault that they hate us, we are tighting terrorism or at the very least enemies who wanted to destroy us even before we invaded them in Iraq and Afganastan. Like I say, we and/or our government may well have given them good cause to hate us but my view on it is that they now want us dead and so I would rather see them taken out before they can get to us.
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    Send guns and money, up the lawyers.
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    Send the lawyers to the front. Then send us the guns and money.
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    When a terrorist attack occurs... Who gains the most?
    That is the question and the key.
    The Patriot Act is a Government's wet dream and it wasn't even read before being passed.

    YMMV, but I would in the fight to right the wrongs
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