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    I have carried a firearm daily for a great number of years, usually concealed on my person. I also always carry at least one defensive knife. There is a second firearm in my vehicle and spare magazines and yet another in my day pack that goes everywhere with me. There is always a 1911 on my bed stand along with a stream-light. I have seen this trend escalating on a personal level in the past months. There is now a carbine with a beta mag under my rear seat and I have noticed there is a rifle or shotgun near every entrance to my house, I think my wife put them there after I became a liberal (freaking attempt at humor). I am wondering if this escalation is just my paranoia or if others have become more diligent in their carrying and staging of arms?
  2. Gator 45/70

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    Lets just say ,YES Details are not important on a forum.
    White people have been under attack for years now and from all sides and factions of Fanatical,Liberal,Criminal,and so called Official vermin.
  3. UncleMorgan

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    When your weapon is two seconds away, your weapon is too far away,
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    I take Defensive Firearms course from a rather famous guy and he says exactly what @UncleMorgan says "When your weapon is two seconds away, your weapon is too far away," except in different words. He says the first rule of defending yourself is to be wearing your firearm and throughout all his courses he hammers that point and goes on to prove it time and again.

    Sadly, I do not wear mine around the house. But, in my defense I do not live in the city but the country and while I have neighbors they are few so any new individual in the area is immediately scrutinized as we do watch each others homes. It's just safer than the city. Nevertheless, I should wear mine but living in a rural Idaho means I always have work to do on the property, normally hard, dirty work, and a firearm is always in the way. So, I keep a few firearms in strategic places around the house.
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  5. HK_User

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    I always have work to do on the property, normally hard, dirty work, and a firearm is always with me.

    If you carry only one fire arm then you are only half armed.
  6. Sgt Nambu

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    If I'm dressed I'm armed. Unfortunately, now that I'm battling lung cancer the uniform of the day is pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. Still armed by placement, a Beretta 92 door gun, (actually chair gun but devoted to the frt door), with 17+1 rounds of 9mm HP justice. Another nine by the bed and a Mossberg 12ga in a ShotLoc weapon safe, centrally located. Interestingly, the old Mossy was my mom's bedroom riot gun, (that's what we used to call them) into her mid 80's! My mama was a pistol! The shotgun is loaded with the old Federal 3"
    #4 Buck shells. That's 41, .24cal lead pellets. So.......aim low and save the neighbors! :D

    BTW, Above it was mentioned about security on a forum. I'm in agreement with that to the nth degree! I'm not worried about it as I'm sick so I'm here! I have heavily reinforced steel doors with security/storm outer doors. So any little menace to society that wants to kick his way in had better bring his lunch! IMG_0444.JPG
  7. Ura-Ki

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    For normal every day, its two pistols and two knives, one fixed blade, and one folder, all consealed! When i was a kid, a snubby .38 or a 1911 was all a person ever really needed, them i retired to a wild new world of violence, so i upped my carry to incluse a double stack 1911 in 10 mm and 5 total mags of 17 rounds, the second pistol is now a Beretta Cougar with one extra mag! I carry a fixed blade fighting knife, ( usually a modern version of Jim Bowie's design) and a good folder. I also carry a pocket survival kit, and a small med kit on my person! The not so funny joke now days, what we used to carry every day as adequate, is now what we carry as back up!
    A few observations i have seen
    Round count is way up, number of pistols is now at least 2, number of knives is at least 2, and other preps are now a norm rether then an exception, and more people are seeking professional training!!! My how the world has changed!
  8. Gator 45/70

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    For S&G I carried a little Smith 60 to town today.
    This had less of a signature than my phone!
  9. Yard Dart

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    I carry my SW M&P Shield concealed pretty much everyday/everywhere and always have at least one blade on me. If I am wearing boots, there will be an extra knife and maybe an ankle rig. Sadly, my day job precludes me from carrying to much due to attire.... but one can adapt with having a nearby GHB. My laptop bag doubles as a resupply for loaded mags, med kit, one of Bears great big sharp knives, food supplies and other gear.... on top of its normal work duties. I rarely leave it off my person when on the move for work (usually only at restricted areas). I travel anywhere from 90 to 200 road miles a day depending on where I am going. My true GHB is in the truck to supplement my other supplies....fortune favors the prepared. ;)
  10. Legion489

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    Thomas Jefferson was a liberal (tolerant, broadminded). I try to model myself after Tom as a Jeffersonian Liberal.

    Tom said you should always carry a gun ("let a gun be your companion"). I try to model myself after Tom.

    Tom also said "There is no truth of which I am afraid." I try to model myself after Tom and do not wet myself in fear when someone points out the truth.

    Too many are afraid (afraid?! They are freaking terrified!!) of the truth and attack any who tell it so they won't soil their nappies in fear and ignorance. OK, actually stupidity and not ignorance. They CAN learn, they just refuse to. Learning/truth scares them. Mostly because they are fools and idiots. Sad.
  11. Tully Mars

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    Depending on attire 2 two pistols, 2-3 knives( if you're counting a Swiss Army) extra mags and Gerber Multi tool.
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