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    Here are some links with great infoI enjoy trying to find signs as to the status of our battles for our freedom from the Bad Guys. In the old days it was pretty hard to track them down but now it's fairly easy. The latest failing of the EU stress test of the Italian bank Monte Paschi was a clear signal to the world that the European Banks are about to planned! Let's face it, the EU could have easily hidden this problem as they have countless times before but have chosen not to do so THIS TIME - when the BREXIT and negative interest rates have weakened the European Banking system beyond repair.

    Timing tells all.

    So it was not a shock to me when someone pointed out that the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has REMOVED the Road to Roota Documents that had been posted on their website since January 1, 2007 (originally with BIG RED exclamation points!). I knew this day would come and I prepared in advance by downloading all the documents and archiving them. You can find them in the "Resources" tab here:

    Road to Roota Resources - Original Fed Boston Documents

    RTR Educational Resources

    I am sure at some point in the near future that my website will be hacked and these documents will disappear so I have also taken many precautions to preserve these very important pieces of History including making hard copies, digital copies with off site storage as well as something I am going to ask you to do right now.

    PLEASE download the following articles and save them on your own computer for safe keeping.

    Wishes and Rainbows - Jan 2007 (Federal Reserve Bank, Boston)

    Wishes and Rainbows - 1981 (Federal Reserve Bank, Boston)

    Road to Roota (Teacher's Guide) - Jan 2007(Federal Reserve Bank, Boston)

    Banking Basics - Jan 2007(Federal Reserve Bank, Boston)

    Banking Basics - Original 1987 (Federal Reserve Bank, Boston)
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    That is a lot of stuff. Wow. Kind of unsettling what you wrote
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    It's very unsettling. And it isn't mine it's Bix weir. I thought I put that in there

    Some of the numbers are outdated because he did this 10 years ago but the principles are accurate

    RTR Educational Resources
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    Thanks, Ganado. That is a very important post. I'll probably be up all night studying it.
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    Me too I am setting some time up sunday to read.
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    Underground cities, nice touch.
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    Got it downloaded, good to go!!!
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    2013 posting , & were in 2017 banking !! , At least I am .
    2016 is yesterdays ..
    JFI , & Im sure most don't get my time line
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    federal reserve bank is not a government bank its a private bank owned by the banking cartel
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    Thanks @Ganado I will start studying the stuff tomorrow as suffering God awful hangover today from last night's libations.
    But, I wanted to ask one question.
    "...the EU could have easily hidden this problem as they have countless times before but have chosen not to do so..."
    Why? Why are they not covering it up this time? Is it because it no longer matters as a financial collapse is just around the corner or...?
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    America is being taken down so that we are not so dominant in the world. The best I can figure out, and again this is just my guess, is there was some kind of deal made so that we don't have a total economic collapse. That does not mean we aren't in for some hard times as the USD sinks to parity and other nations get the financial investments they need.

    To answer your question, I think on a spiritual level, many goernment and agency workers are tired of the lies and the secrecy and are refusing to cover it up anymore. ( This shows up as leaked info typically.) And the powers that be always announce publicly what they are doing, the devil is in the details of implementation.

    All of the info I have is available publicly, it's just finding it on IMF website (and other websites) and interpreting what it means. Some of the terms they use are so complex I have to pull out the dictionary and the thesaurus and broaden how I look at what is being said and then watch how it falls out. Any policy announcement for change is not predictable in how it will be implemented.

    Again, this is just my opinion based on what I have read.
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    In the 2008 crunch , I was given a heads up in 2007 & asked to do a job in 2008 . I got back to the great white north in aug/nov time & it hit.
    Back then my pay-cheque was from Europe
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    sadly this is probably the nicer part of what they intend for the world and our nation in particular...
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    Interesting story linked on Drudge today. Does not sound good.
    'We should nationalise German banks' Warning Deutsche Bank teetering on edge of CRISIS
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    Deutsch bank holds mostly derivitive assets. these we bad from the get go. Now they want the government to bail them out. The collapse of this bank will collapse the EU.
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