How much could we do as a unit?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bagpiper, Jan 29, 2015.

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    How much could we do as a UNIT? Maybe Robert Heinlein had the right idea in Starship Troopers. Where, The Vets got sick and tired of being sick and tired of their America being subverted by evil, both the capitalist and communist types.

    How many millions of us are there?

    (Yes, I know, I'm being a seditious old SOB... but after watching Sons of Liberty on History, I was reminded, that it only takes one man to stand up and say; BULLSHIT... ;) Right now, we are in the same situation the citizens of Boston and the colonies were in, and we are doing that same ole crap, looking out for number one.

    I fought my wife, tooth and nail about Obamacare, and being enrolled in the VA health care system. Ok, so she enrolled us both without my knowledge... grrr, but, what's done is done, so I just sat back and smiled and said "We'll see how good the government can do doctoring... and see if they can pull the money out of my pocket." Then, lo and behold, I learned that there are benefits to going Galt... (You can't really 'Go Galt' in this county anymore, unless you can gain an Allodial title to your Galts Gulch. You WILL pay property taxes and comply with zoning laws, or else. But I digress.)

    By becoming poor, on paper, YOU lucky taxpayers, (I'm so poor I don't pay anything anymore, I collect disability from VA, my part in helping the system bankrupt itself. You're welcome...) pay 90% of my health insurance now. Yes, it pissed me off, and still does, I just don't think its right... but that's just me I guess. Old fashioned. Its the 'LAW' ya know, but here's the real pisser... You will pay a fine if you don't get it, and you will pay the GODDAMNED TAX on it if you DO!
    We just got a dun from the IRS saying we 'earned' 12k $ last year because of the Feds transfer payments to the insurance co, in our name. Jumped me a bracket, I'm sure. So that refund we get every year... history I'm sure. Our cpa is a freind who does our taxes for barter... so I can't wait to talk to him...

    The hell that is coming on this country is racing up in our faces, and we just whine and moan, and depend on ... cough... more politicians to fix it... well, they better, because many are at the end of their ropes, some of my friends included. One, who just had his credit line cut in half after 20 years at the same bank, he was 'too risky'. He is incensed, and with OCare, he's afraid he's going to have to lay off his two employees, he doesn't know the details yet, does anybody? This country has become one goddamned scam linked to another, and is getting totally evil, in more ways than one.
    My only question is, Does anybody know where they hid America?
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    More than one might imagine.

    I'd like to have read whatever it was which had been edited out buy "a moderator".
    Yeah I know it was in the best interests of the forum, bla, bla bla...

    Where is America ? Its in your heart.

    The real question is (I'll choose my words carefully) : Who will act first ?
    Not a "us v. them" question but looking back historically (to the days of tar & feathers) when politicians know their antics will NOT BE TOLERATED then tend to become rather compliant.

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    @NotSoSneaky - i think the editing by the moderator was when it was moved to its own thread. I don't believe any content was changed.
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    Yet you and yours maybe poor on paper but you still have something. You will pay one way or another because there is a whole breed that will not contribute at all but they will take because they are basically IMO the admins army. They are being riled up and made to believe we are taking from them. They will eventually come to take what is your. I hope that makes sense.

    The officials know that the law abiding will do as we are told, pay what we are told to pay because we are rule followers. We have a moral code and at times I think that will be our downfall.
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    At the risk of provoking the ire of a moderator, I will say that my wife and I were sharing many of the same thoughts last night. We were catching up with SoL on the DVR. Any further thoughts I have on the matter are probably best left to PM :sneaky:
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    You are correct, there was no change in the body of the text.
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    @NotSoSneaky , I alerted the staff that this post derailed "the intent of this forum" thread, where it first posted. I suggested it be moved, and upon inspection, it was decided that it did not fit where it was, but would stand better on it's own. This discussion was in the shoutbox last night, and you can scroll down to read it if you wish.
    Nothing was changed but it's location. It is as I first read it.
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    I imagine the socialist heath care fraud tax scheme will eventually cause a great deal of strife amongst the sheep, in time. Once it starts to actually hit them in the pocket come the end of the year, a lot of whining and moaning will ensue. I look forward to states seceding from the Federal Gov't and citizens arming themselves in public to keep the Fed's out. Who knows, maybe the tree of liberty will be refreshed with the blood of tyrants once again. Pray we are so lucky...
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    @bagpiper i sent you a pm im not sure if it is a subject that should be in the open maybe im just paronoid
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    Step 1 - Be able to function as a unit.
    Step 2 - Be WILLING to function as a unit.

    @bagpiper, I'm afraid that nothing is going to happen to effect change until both of those prerequisites are met. We, as a country, are unwilling to do whatever is necessary to maintain what we see as freedoms and push back at all levels against each and every single encroachment. Don't get me wrong, some are and I will never doubt when someone says they are willing to die for their beliefs. We all have our own lines and limits and who is to say what will finally be enough for anyone other than yourself.

    @Brokor, I agree that the most recent infringements and the thinly veiled tax penalty, among other things, that is the Affordable Care Act are going to cause problems sooner rather than later. To bastardize the quote by Pelosi "We have to pass it to see how much more crap they will take". Things are coming to a head. I personally think that the next two years are going to be very telling. If the current administration continues down this path, things will obviously come unraveled sooner. If he backs off, it's because TPTB aren't ready to cinch the noose yet.

    We've already had deadline after deadline extended on this ACA garbage, I think it will be important to note if and when one of the deadlines isn't extended.
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  12. NotSoSneaky

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    John Ross had a very good solution detailed in Unintended Consequences.

    ...and it didn't entail any units at all. [tongue]
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    Wow... didn't know I started any threads... and, it appears, I didn't... ;)
    Sorry, I haven't been around to answer 'my' own thread. Been in the woods 'hunting and gathering' firewood and trying to keep the wife and I warm.
    That 'rant' was multifaceted, but, didn't know anybody cared... @kellory, you shouldn't have, awww, thanks for 'reporting' me...

    Not to go off the deep end, but the question about a unit, was the base word for; UNITY. Something we have been carefully bred to avoid. We have the finest propaganda in the world, backed up by the best government money can buy... ;)

    Thank you for all the responses and PM's, I especially like the tar and feathers...
    That's what would be a perfect step for some of these marxists...
    If done by more than one at a time, UNIT implies synchronization of unitS... which can be, an individual.
    Like the old 'Committees of Correspondence', of our founders, we are in the same time. We are losing ourselves, our culture, our freedom and our independence, to The Beast.

    I made the rant due to several factors, that firstly, I have abandoned all hope that we can fix ourselves, it is mathematically impossible to divide by zero, except in the case of government... for we have been divided by what appears on the surface as Zero intelligence. And that is impossible, for it is impossible to graduate from an Ivy league school with zero intelligence. Which leaves the only other option, that Edmund Burke was right; Evil thrives when good men do nothing... but, that evil is 'sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly', and my heartburn is rising like bile in the throat. And what do we do? We retain hope, when reason tells us anger and courage must be next. There are those who say it is not yet time to 'stand them up against the wall', I disagree, the tree of liberty is not simply thirsty, it is parched and shriveling. Unity, like the Gadsden flag is necessary not for simple 'victory', for there is no making war with The Beast. No, the only thing that would count as victory is ourselves remembering who we were. And that is the saddest thing, to hear it in the voice of children, who's minds hearts and souls have been turned into America haters, when in truth, they never knew what that means because America died long ago, and we now see the embers glowing of what was once a beautiful fire burning in the hearts of all of us. We allow talking heads to define us, instead of the great majority of us simply taking a few talking heads, bureaucrats, bankers and politicians out and tarring and feathering them with signs like; COLLABORATOR, MARXIST, IDIOT. What old America would have done...
    In short, we are watching the Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned... wondering who's gonna snap first.

    “Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are Anger and Courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.”

    -St. Augustine
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    It has to be said that evil does not reside soleley on the left hand extremity of the political spectrum....I'm an equal opportunity tar and featherer, and would be pleased to see some of the Looney Rabid Right receive the same decorative treatment too.

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    Wow... didn't know I started any threads... and, it appears, I didn't... 
    Sorry, I haven't been around to answer 'my' own thread. Been in the woods 'hunting and gathering' firewood and trying to keep the wife and I warm.
    That 'rant' was multifaceted, but, didn't know anybody cared... @kellory, you shouldn't have, awww, thanks for 'reporting' me..."

    That is where you are wrong. You DID start a thread, you just did it within another thread. Like planting a tree too near a wall, it destroys both. The tree fells the wall, and the wall stunts the tree. For the good of both, the tree needed to be transplanted.
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    well then... excuuuuuuuuuse me.
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