How much would you spend on a bullet resistant vehicle

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    I have to drive down into the Los Angles and Long Beach areas of the ports to meet ships comeing into the port or going out of the port as part of my job now for the resort to make sure the paperwork is right and the returning conexs are backed places at the office for the loading of supplies that we have order are loaded into the conexs boxs to be ready for inspestion by customs and then sealed up and ready for transport to the dock for loading on the ship ..

    Since i drive a small smart car i been noticeing them takeing a look at me and my trips into and out of the port area ..

    The Habor Police does do a good job on keeping a eye on them to a point but where they are standing is public ground and not to much can be done about that part of them standing there ..

    As part of my job iam the mainland supply office i work basically on makeing sure all shippments to the resort are done with as smooth as possible with the custom and the shipping company that we use ..

    Part of the problem is that the area of the docks is not in a geat area with a problem of the hood rats standing on the corner watching you comeing and going like a hawk at all hours of the day or night ..There is someone standing there with a cell phone in hand telling the guys what is comeing into or out of the docks area at the stop light down tge street from the entance area of the port.

    so would you pay $89000.oo dollars for custom bult bullet resisatant vehicle with body made from kevlar and bullet resisatant glass
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    Depends on what your life is worth to you and others. Depends on your net worth. Depends on your income and cash assets. Are you single or married with wife and children.
    Obviously you are aware you are in a potentially dangerous area where you work. I doesn't help at all that your state is not firearms friendly. A man should have the right to feel safe to walk the streets of any American City, packing a concealed weapon if necessary.
    If $89,000 represents less than one years income for you alone and I had dependents who would be in serious financial jeopardy in the case of my death..... I would buy the armored vehicle, a big life insurance policy, wear personal body armor, and have something like "on star" with gps to yell for help if required. I also would do whatever I could legally to arm myself at all times.
    Then I would be on the watch for a better job in a better state. jmho.
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    If I lived in Kommifornia, I would pay somebody 89,000.00 to kill me.
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    The other night they lost a car hauler with six top of the line luxury cars going to a dealership in Beverly Hills dealership..They found the driver hog tried up and a cloth bag over the head inside the sleeper area of the truck and he was a little shaken up by the whole thing and he had a few bumps and bruise on his head and face area and he said they came up at the stop light and that was the last he saw of the cars .

    They found the truck and trailer on side street with the cars gone

    I wear my vest under my shirt when iam down in the area and i keep a pretty good eye out when i drive in and out of the area and go diff routes to and from the docks area along with stopping some place to see if i have a follower from the dock area

    When iam down there i drive with a small Judge loaded with the self defense rounds by Winchester PDX combo buckshot and slugs rounds loaded in the judge and it sit in my lap when i drive down on the docks area or in my jacket pocket when iam walking around the area ..

    One night when i was waiting for the Custom Offical to come and see me to finish up the paperwork and i was sitting there in the car and waiting for him and i was watching the corner from the stop light was there was a couple of them standing talking on there phones and tellling someone on the other end about the vehicles comeing out of the entance area ..

    When the Custom Offical came up and told him about the guys telling people on the phone about the trucks comeing out and he goes we know as long as they stay on the one corner and not borther anyone we can not do nothing about them ..

    He told that you see them there everyday 24/7 with them changeing people every couple of hour and they allways walk up and down the street but keep a eye on the entance and he said as long they do that they can not be bothered by the local p.d. because of them saying that they are profileing ..But with the truck getting robbed i think they will step up the pressure about the guys beening on the corner ..

    I will let you i have to go to the docks at 4am in the morning to meet a ship comeing from Hawai'i to get the conex box ready for the next shipment out .
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    Too bad you can't pay an out of work Veteran $50 bucks a head to clear the swamp.
  6. Brokor

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    You know...I like the way you think.
  7. Disciple

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    one thing fortunate i dont ever think they will jump him i mean he is in a smart car...LOL Just kidding buddy..... no by all means wear your vest, carry your Judge.
    i personally would carry more but theres not to many hiding spots in a smart car.
  8. hank2222

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    they do notice the socalled cars that comes in and out of the area and the smart car is not a really a stand out luxury car and the people do know there cars and makes and models
  9. tacmotusn

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    We know some of these preditors are evil but smart. So playing devil's advocate, how would I attack an armored car. Corral it somehow, Funnel it into a kill zone, Box it in with larger vehicles, Blind it with paint and or waste oil, Attack and or disable externals, tires, antenna, molotov cocktail to hood, pry gas fill point open and alcohol cloth fuse in fuel fill opening and light it. Scatter to a safe distance and wait. Of course as we know from the sandbox and other areas, and IED is always an option.
    I am just pointing out that even and armored car or tank could be attacked, and has been in the past.
  10. Falcon15

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    Welcome to Fallujah, United States.
  11. hank2222

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    You are so right it not funny and that the biggest problem there is that some of this guys are former military and they are not dumb and they know the game is played and how to think in ways of the urban crime groups and it made up by these groups of people ..

    the thing is been thinking about the small enough vehicle to get in and out of the areas and have enough power to basically push or get away from the problem and enough protection to protect me at close range when beening fired at handguns

    these guys know there cars very well and your can hear them talking in there street code about the cars comeing in and out of the entances when people are driveing them around as personal vehicles..

    so i guess driveing a small smart is a better way not to get car jacked it seams ..

    how the drive got jack at a stop light and a girl was walking across the street and when he turned his head to follow the girl down the street there was a gun shoved in his face and told to turn down the street and stop and that was the last that saw of the cars on the trailer intill they found him by a local partol car saw the truck and trailer setting there in the middle of a street at that morning
  12. ozarkgoatman

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    We payed less than 89,000 for our 40 acre farm. About the only shootings around here are the ones that involve tasty furry things. You just need to get the #&!! out of #&!!

  13. hank2222

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    right now it a job and intill i can find something better that can pay the bills like this group of resort owner do and then i get out of the area ..

    they pay half my rent and electric and cable and all my gas for driveing and my cell phone and internet and do bother me about if i use the company resort credit card for lunch or dinner everyday when buying the custom or other people i deal with lunch or a breakfast tabs a couple of times a week along with haveing up to 1.million dollar credit line at the bank to buy things for them as a group for them ..

    so there are perks for the job it just some of the downsides of the job is the docks area..

    they give me orders to fill of what they want and if i padded the order with a extra case for me they do not give me grief about it just a part of the perks package and i do not that much so the owners group will came me up and tell me if i want to padded the order with something i like then do it ..

    i do all the large ordering for them like when they need 40 mattress and box springs or 20 barrels of laundry soap or 100.sets of swim fins and mask and snokles sets for the swiming in the ocean around the area
  14. Ajax

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    I have never looked into it but I'm sure you could modify a car with bullet proof windows and reinforce the doors, gas tank, engine ect. areas for much less than $89k.

    To me the main thing is don't make yourself a target, as in don't buy a pimped out Cadillac Escalade armored CIA SUV or a old Brinks armored car or something. I would want something with power behind it in case you need to push through a car parked in front of you, maybe consider beefing up a white work truck type deal or something that is not going to catch a car jackers eye.

    When you know you will be in this area keep a decoy wallet with a old unusable credit cards and maybe a fake ID although you might have legal issues if caught with one. Maybe a old out dated drivers license with a different address on it. and keep your real ID, cards and cash hidden in some way or locked up.

    Make sure you are carrying legally if you plan on pulling your gun. Of course judged by 12 vs carried by 6, if possible keep it as legal as you can considering your in kommiefornia.

    The best thing you can do is read, train and practice situational awareness. Don't allow anyone to get close enough to box you in or track you down. The gun should be the absolute last line of defense after situational awareness and a bullet proof window (if you have one).

    I'm sorry you have to deal with scum bags like this, it's a sad thing indeed when you have to look over your shoulder in a modern civilized country.

    I have to go to a down town area in the middle of night sometimes and it's not necessarily a horrible area but there have been people robbed and killed in the area before so I make sure I am packing and keep an eye on all my surroundings.
  15. hank2222

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    i do that allready with the give the fake wallet with 20 dollar bills and old id and drivers lics and old pre paid credit cards that have no money on them
  16. Andy the Aussie

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    You can also fall into the trap of driving something that makes it look like you are a better/more valuable target than you are. Under the radar and being unattractive is also a very valid approach to such a problem. If yu start driving something that looks like you may have something of greater value on you than you do (other than your life) then you may also attract the crabs.
  17. BAT1

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    So we got Gang bangers driving bulletproof cars do we? Wonderful. I'd spend enough money for a welding torch, and some hardened steel and improve my Jeep.
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