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    MISSOULA, Mont. AP - A couple from Oklahoma that moved to Montana’s rugged mountains for a cheap place to live apparently got caught off guard by a snowstorm, with the woman freezing to death in their remote cabin.
    Her common-law husband, suffering from hypothermia and starving, was found propped up against her body, with an array of weapons spread in a half circle in front of him, authorities said.
    Mickey Charlene Davis, 67, had probably been dead for about two weeks when authorities reached the cabin Jan. 13, Powell County Sheriff Scott Howard said.
    The man, 44-year-old Jack McWhorter, had only a few bouillon cubes in his pocket, Howard said. Their two cats and two of their three dogs were also dead.
    “They’d been in there for months, and they just flat ran out of food,” Howard said. “They didn’t have good clothing, they didn’t have any firewood cut, and no way to even start a fire.”
    McWhorter was evacuated by snowmobile more than 20 miles, and spent several days in a hospital. He declined to talk about the ordeal Wednesday, the Missoulian newspaper reported.
    Howard said McWhorter and Davis apparently had their eye on the inexpensive 20-acre lot when they arrived sometime early last year. They had some sort of agreement with the landowner but “didn’t realize what they were getting into.”
    “They planned to live there year-round,” Howard said. “They saw an ad and thought that would be wonderful place to be, with absolutely no knowledge what a mountain snowstorm can do.”
    No one had seen the couple for months, until neighbors who lived three miles away asked two snowmobilers to check on them. Howard said McWhorter told the snowmobilers to call authorities because his wife was dead.
    Authorities gave Davis a county burial in Deer Lodge after attempts to locate her family were unsuccessful. Her driver’s license listed her hometown as Salina, Okla.
    Howard said McWhorter is too emotional to talk much, but the sheriff figures things got bad starting when snowstorms hit in late November.
    He found McWhorter sitting on the floor against his wife’s body, with the weapons nearby.
    “I don’t know if he was worried about us,” Howard said. “... I don’t know what was going through his head.”
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    Sad, very very sad.
    I'm at a loss for any words that could begin to effectively describe the emotions....
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    Personally? I am a little aggravated. People like that give people like us a bad name. Next thing you know, government alphabet agencies will be doing door to door knocks at all rural and remote located will be required to register with them and check in at regular intervals, maybe pre-qualify to see if you can live in the outdoors cabin by requiring you to be "outdoor licensed" and "sanctioned" by big brother.

    Probably not. But, really tweaks my melon.
  4. ghrit

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    Maybe a bit unfeeling, but the gene pool has been modified. A shame, but one wonders why they jumped into it without a bit of looksee beforehand. Nanny's reach is not that far out for so few sheep.
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    I don't understand the half-circle of weapons around him.
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    He probably couldn't decide which one to use to put an end to his situation. He may have felt guilty for the death of his wife.

    Just speculating,
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    I knew a couple that were the same exact types, constantly afraid of the TPTB, had all sorts of expensive but truly useless survival trinkets, and yet they did not know what they were doing. The husband was one of the most apathetic people that I have ever known, kept complaining how everyone else was trying to destroy his life, yet in the end he killed himself because he refused to take care of himself. He was a Type II diabetic, who would not watch what he ate, was a heavy smoker, and half heartedly watched and controlled his blood sugar levels. He developed an infection in his left leg which required amputation, from below his left knee.

    His doctor then warned him that if he did not change his personal habits, that he would not survive for another two to three years. He refused to change his own self-destructive ways, and the doc was right on the money. He developed another infection in his other leg a year later which this time was an actual Staph infection which in turned killed him.

    After his wife burried him, she then spent well over $250,000.00 dollars to try and sue his doctor and hospital for medical negligence, the jurry only took a half an hour to rule against her. Last I heard, she had moved out west and survives on her ss check for her sole income.

    Why some people are this way completly confounds me. It goes beyond any reason as to why they think that a simple life is an easy care free life style, let alone a true survival situation that can be easily weathered. From what the story is saying, this couple was too lazy to go and do the hard work that is required to live like that.
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