How Quik Clot works.

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by chelloveck, Sep 13, 2011.

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    I like that Im going to try and get my hands on some. I have several packs in each jump bag and first aid kit of the old Quick Clot in the pouches you rip open and pour the powder on the wound.
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    I have been planning to add some of this to my first aid kits.. I keep several in different areas.. One in my vehicle, one on my motorcycle, one in my camper, one in my house, ect.. I have found several different versions on Ebay for sporting applications. There are several good demonstrations on youtube for the uses.. One included a surgeon cutting one of the main arteries on a pig, then using the QuickClot to stop the bleeding.. Another is in the movie "Shooter" ( one of my fav's ).....
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    when i was trimmin and shoeing we always poured cornstarch over open wounds to clot
    it works well on people too, its saved my ass a few times
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    I've got these in various sizes. They aren't supposed to burn like the powder did. @Alpha: I would replace the powder with the sponges. That powder was some nasty stuff. It saved lives, but it would literally burn into the flesh and then had to be removed by a surgeon. It was a necessary evil.
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    Celox is another product you might look into.
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    Nice video. Check out the other ones after the video is over. It show the pig bleeding one.
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