How Secure Is Your Wireless Router?

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    Yeah, I know trusting wireless anything is like asking a junkie to hold your money for safekeeping. Truth is that doing without them is largely inconvenient and/or impractical. More and more products rely on Internet connectivity each day and it isn't going to change soon.

    Here is a pretty good tutorial to see how hardened your network is from the outside and what the best practice is for several settings to lock things down. It wasn't lost on me that he is a Unify fan boy, but perhaps he made the video pre Unify Cloud hack. Still a lot of good stuff and he has other videos that cover how easy it is for hackers to crack passwords once they have access to your network.

    Let's hack your network - even shows you how to create a free cloud basedvirtual Linux server to test from the outside

    Using nmap to find network vulnerabilities
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