How the democrat party changed in 54 years

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    How the Democrat Party Changed in 54 Years

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  2. pearlselby

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    Yes, sad, but true.
  3. TailorMadeHell

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  4. Dunerunner

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    the result of being coopted by the American Communist Party...
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  5. duane

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    Mayor of Flint Mi saying clean pure drinking water is a God given right and that the NAACP and other groups are going to see that they get it. If my well goes dry, no one is going to pay to fix it and did they ever hear of filters or bottled water. A non group speak person from Flint mentioned that there were less than 100 children diagnosed with lead problems in Flint, many from outside of the city itself, out of a couple million in the US as a whole and suggested it was another "black lives matter" game to get as much political gain and money out of us as they could and make the rest of us as much as possible their pawns. Obummer seems to show up at all the "left" press conferences in all the "left" problem areas and pontificate about nothing and show that He cares.
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  6. Gator 45/70

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    The Democratic party died on

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  7. Idahoser

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    oh come on now, sure they pretended to be for good things but remember who started socialism security.
  8. duane

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    My grand dad was born in 1873 to a Lakota mother and a German immigrant who survived the Civil War as a member of the 1st Minnesota regiment under Col. Covill and was the best expert on survival I have ever had the luck to speak to. His comment for what it is worth was that in the 1930's, the US as he had known it had collapsed and that we could no longer expand westward and recover by settling new land as we had been able to in the past. A lot of ideas were floated and the US picked government work programs for the working age and social security for the elderly. While it was not good, it seemed to be the best solution available. Faced with the same conditions, Russia and later China chose communism. Germany, Italy, and Japan chose fascism, Great Britain. Belgium, Netherlands, and France went through a lot of different governments and basically used force and the resources of their colonies to survive. Most other countries were total chaos or under someone thumb. He thought that compared to the other solutions, we picked the one that did the least damage at least in the short run.
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