How the Enlightened, Peaceful, Open Minded Progressives Get Their Point Across

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    Here is what it was like for Republicans who attended the San Jose Trump rally. After the rally, they were chased, beaten, and some were even followed after they left the parking structure. Somehow the Trump supporters are supposed to be some sort of racist NAZI for wanting immigration laws followed and a secure border just like every other sovereign country. Somehow the people who physically threaten and harm them are supposed to have some sort of moral high ground. Search me...

    And, yes, police providing security for the event stood by and let it happen. I wonder who gave that order.

    Gay Hispanic Republican: Anti-Trump Thugs Broke My Nose

    Juan Hernandez, a gay Hispanic Republican from Santa Clara, California, has penned an op-ed in the Washington Post in which he described how he and a friend were brutally beaten by anti-Donald Trump thugs last week in San Jose.
    Hernandez, who backs Trump enthusiastically, adds that the local police stood by idly and did nothing as Trump supporters were forced to flee from the mob through the streets and to defend themselves from groups of left-wing rioters out for blood.

    He writes:

    And suddenly, there were protesters everywhere. Some were holding Mexican flags, or burning American ones. They were yelling “F— Trump!” at us and cornering us. Some of them started grabbing Trump supporters — they were going up and slugging people, sucker-punching people, just picking random people out. As much as we wanted to help, because our fellow Republicans were getting hit, I knew any moment that could be me. So my friend and I just kept walking — sometimes, we’d be running. We saw police standing nearby, but they didn’t do anything. That scared me, because I thought, “Okay, if I’m next, there’s going to be no cops.”

    Before we could make it into the garage, four or five men surrounded me, and another four surrounded my friend. They just started swinging. We swung back as best as we could. My main thing was I didn’t want to fall; I didn’t want to be knocked down. I’m not a big guy, but I can defend myself as best I can if it’s one on one — but not when they have so much anger against us.

    One of the blows caught my nose, and blood just started pouring out.

    Hernandez suffered a broken nose and several bloody scratches, requiring a tetanus shot. He is furious at the police, and at those prepared to use, or condone, violence against Trump supporters.

    “It was much harder to come out as a Trump supporter than it was to come out as gay,” he notes, adding: “I should be able to vote for whom I want, and I shouldn’t have to deal with violence to go hear my candidate speak.”

    Read the whole op-ed here.
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    Rotten bastiges.
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    We have to assume this guy's story is real and, I would hope The Washington Post would at least try to vet it. Having said's really disturbing because what it's saying is there is no rule of law - if certain powers don't want there to be which means...we might be in real trouble. Now, this happened in California, I wonder if this is happening other places also and not being reported. I wonder how long before Trump supporters push back but it is better to play the pacifist right now and let them be the bad guys even though this guy's nose got broke.

    So, what happens if Trump gets elected? Complete anarchy? Would the Elites actually push this nation into bloody chaos because this election has completely derailed their plans and they cannot stop it no matter what they do? And, their candidate might, just might be criminally charged (I will believe that when I see it)?

    And, to top it off I saw this today which I must admit didn't surprise me but certainly scares me:
    How and Why Russia Is Moving to a War Footing
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    It's going to explode. I'm sure of it.
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    Bring it....! I'm ready!!
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    I still have a bunch of 7.62 and 5.56 to reload... then I'll be ready. If you bring violence to me and mine you better pack a lunch and have one hell of a health plan.
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    Yeah...I don't think I have to worry where I live as even the grandma's got guns (and know how to use them) but I think I will start paying more attention to my short/low term supplies (preps) just to be prudent. I'm good but just relook things again...I think I will buy another 1000 rounds, also, I don't mine spending money on food or bullets as they will get eaten and shot. I was going to sell my shotgun but think I will keep it, never have enough guns, purchase some more 00 also...We got about 5 months until election...
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    I will not be buying more stuff just to have it ready, money is too tight to deviate from what is already set up.
    As soon as funds allow, my Thumper will be completed (AR-.450bushmaster) but i will still need ammo for it once that's done.
    But anyone trying to force my home or my family, will likely be mistaken for a deer. I got plenty of deer slugs.
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    I am not even close to being at the level of preparation that most people are at on this site. I am doing my best but it takes time and I have only been back a little over a year and we got back with only a few suitcases so everything has had to been purchased, from cars to teaspoons. There are some major shortfalls that will be taken care of this summer, definitely within 5 months. Alternate power is the biggest sore spot right now as I got it figured out how to hook to the house but can't find a propane generator (want something around 8kW with low THD) that I like as COSTCO doesn't seem to carry the one I wanted here anymore, might have to order it and I might have to go to gasoline.
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    I was routing to this thread for some not so clear reason by another monkey, and read the entire thread. Point is, It has come out in internet news that the police force who had jurisdictional duty to protect and serve, was ordered to hold and not engage anti trump protesters who were assaulting trump supporters. This is clearly a "no rule of law" situation where it is a crying shame there was not a constitutional patriot with a ccw and weapon to step in and cap a couple of the thugs while the just following orders Nazi storm troopers stood by condoning the actions. The Mayor, police chief, and senior officer on scene should be identified by video recordings and brought up on charges and fired!!!
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    only problem I could have with doing such is the officers would have probably shot the CCW person soon as he drew...

    but I agree someone should be held accountable... n IIRC law suites are all over em right now...

    thing is we the people pay when this kinda stuff happens and IMHO the officers and their leaders should have to pay...

    NOT we the people... as they pretty much ignored their duties... by order or not makes no difference...

    why take an oath or what not if it's held to only when it's convenient...

    the SS and others like them used the I was only following orders crap... and way I see it...

    this sounds a lot like that...
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