How the establishment is killing itself

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by larryinalabama, Nov 7, 2011.

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    Two years ago a good froend of mine lost his 50k job. He couldnt find a job so started his own business and hoarse traded enough to make ends meet. Well his wife is one of those money lovers and things became rough at home. She actually found another man in the next town. Well needless to say they divorced. He basically lost 75% of his stuff and has to pay 35% of his future earnings to her. The court system, or the estabilishment does not work for Men in this country in a divorce proceeding.

    So two weeks ago his old job calls him bac wanting to rehire him. He thought about it, 40% income tax rate, 35% xwife rate, at 50k would leave him around 12K to live on, naturally he said no thanks.

    So basically the system lost 20k per year, not the end of the world for something as big as the establishment but repated as often as it happens the estabilishment is so deep in debt that they can never get out.

    Its pure common sense, when you take a mans ability to thrive, he wont thrive.
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    Put like that I'm surprised Obammy hasn't had Eric Holder prosecute him yet.

    . . you watch, in another month of few he will get busted by the FBI for recruiting a gang of catholic nuns into a domestic terrorism plot. [monkeyeating]
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    Nothing would suprise me.. . a lot of good men have spent 2 to 3 months in jail because of divorces, none of which were ever charged of any chrime nor had any due process.
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    The justice system as a whole is broken, divorce cases are only the tip of the iceburg IMO.
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    To misquote an old Richard Pryor joke......

    Too often the "Justice System" becomes 'just us'. :rolleyes:

    The prevailing norm is for the workers to be 'asked' (harrumph....FORCED... harumph) to give all they make to those who will NOT work. If all my paycheck goes to fund Welfare, why the heck should I work!?

    I work because that's the way I was raised - pay my own way and support myself. But it becomes harder every year.

    The Patriots of 1776 went to war for far less than We The People are now putting up with.
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    40% taxes on a 50K job does not sound right at all. Your friend might be exaggerating the percentages a bit!
  7. Seawolf1090

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    Unless he maybe lives in Taxachuesetts, New Yawk or New Joisey........
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    Every time I even consider marriage again I think how I would like to own 50% of everything I own 100% of now. Works for me.

    If this guy's wife was anything like mine, he got a bargain.
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