How the police can be a pain in your backside.

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    As some of you know I purchased my land in a more upscale area, (mistake #1) so my preps have been visible to people who make a whole lot more money then I do and everyone has been sticking their nose into my business.
    As a result I know the local police very well because my neighbors call the cops for basically anything I do. I started with an illegal shed I put up (I thoughts I was legal) so I had to rip it apart. Then the neighbors started complaining about my horse care practices which where all legal except I didn't have a lean too. State laws states that I nead a lean-too or a NATURAL wind break. Which I thought my tall brush was a good enough NATURAL wind break. They gave me 1 week to get up a lean-too or they where going to show up at my place and load the horse and donkey up. So I built the lean too out of the scrap material from my now non existent shed.
    Now the neighbors call and complain about my feeding practices. Basically every time I feed flakes instead of a round bale they claim I am starving the animals (they are all overweight).
    I have been sleeping in a basement of a neighbor down the street from my place for about 2 months but I do have a tent on the property. Well the local sheriff took it upon himself to contact my wing commander at my military base to tell him that I have been sleeping in a tent. (if they would of left me alone and let me build my shed I would not be at my neighbors house).
    At the time I was at my union carpenter classes which I MUST COMPLETE 40 hours that week and I can NOT leave under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. They called my on Friday at noon and demanded that I meet them at my place in 40min to discuss my living situation.
    I ended up hunting down my school director who is the only person who can dismiss me from the school and handing my phone to him so my military supervisor could force him to let me leave via military order.
    Yes I was embarrassed, yes I was angry and yes all this happening caused me to have a massive panic attack.
    I meet them at my place and showed them around and now on Monday I have to go to my base to discuss everything with them. Until that day I did not hear from the sheriff for 2 weeks so he made no attempt to contact me even though he has my number. Funny part was that I had talked to my neighbor that I am living with and I mentioned that this week had been too quiet and I was nervious because of that.

    I am seriously considering lodging a complaint about this as I definitely feel harassed at this point.
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  2. Tobit

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    New York state?
  3. cschattner

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    It would make sense if I lived there but I live in the land of 10,000 lakes aka Minnesota.
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    @cschattner, I hate to tell you, but you need to move. It burns me up when people start asking us questions about our things. I am really sorry to read about this happening to you. Some people just have too much spare time. I tell people I am going to pray for them...sometimes that is all you can do for them.

    I think I would lodge a complaint. This is totally ridiculous.
  5. Tobit

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    I spent 10 years in rural Minnesnowta. The cliques there were unreal.
  6. cschattner

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    Definitely a clique going on here.
  7. Gator 45/70

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    Nothing like filming the police while telling them to F'K off while on your property harassing you.
    Added bonus: Tell them the film will be used in court when you sue so that the county will be building your house...For Free!!!
  8. stg58

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    So much for "Minnesota nice" good luck!
  9. cschattner

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  10. cschattner

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    I never believed that b.s. line.
  11. chelloveck

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    It seems that your neighbours are most of your problem.....the police but the messengers and enforcers of their sheriff's political donors. Things won't change until:
    a. You are wealthier than your neighbours,
    b. You sling the sheriff more money in political donations than your neighbours do,
    c. You move somewhere else where people mind their own feckin' business and dislike the constabulary as much as you evidently are in the process of doing. (hint...moonshining country is a good option, or neighbours who have as much to lose as you, by bringing the law into the neighbourhood unnecessarily...which unfortunately may open up a whole different set of prepping issues to contend with)

    Good luck!

    I have neighbours like that, living on one side of my fence. They are a little anal retentive and don't much appreciate my permaculture garden. I return the compliment by seeding their lawn and garden with prickle weed seeds via nocturnal blow pipe missions when they are away, and when the weather and seasonal conditions are most suitable....The do now spend a lot of time weeding, and they don't enjoy as much the luxury of walking barefoot on their manicured lawn. chello can be pushed just so far without consequences following.

    Bindi Eye (Soliva pterosperma ) Macquarie Dictionary


    I'm tempted to use Three Corner Jack....but I don't want it in my own yard. It will readily penetrate the tyre and inner tube of most conventional mountain bike tyres and tubes. Nature's own caltrop.

    Three Corner Jack (Emex australis)

    Macquarie Dictionary


    actual size comparison with postage stamp....they are mean buggers to tread on.
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  12. MountainMariner

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    Have you considered taking up topiary as a hobby?

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  13. Alpha Dog

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    What I would do is request a copy of each complaint. That way it will show you who the complainant is. Then take and get a statement from the person you have been staying with and look around the area for similar violations you have been harassed over that have gone unchecked and document them. Go to your Prosecutor file a complaint and demand the complainant be charged with false report. Then contact a attorney have him send the local sheriff a letter on you are being singled out on violations when others are not maybe even file a formal complaint with the county commissioners. Have the attorney advise them if it doesn't stop you will file suit against the county
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  14. BTPost

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    Just so you know, AlphaDog knows from where he talks, with "On the Job" practical experience....
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  15. BailyTheFox

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    that is absolutely devious! Best way to screw with someone is in so subtle a way the don't know what's going on.
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  16. Gator 45/70

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    Chello old boy, I always suspected you could be a bit devious, + 10,000
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  17. Alpha Dog

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    It also sounds like a neighbor might have a hidden agenda. A lot of the time it comes down to a angry neighbor who was wanting the property and for what ever reason was unable to. Now that you bought it your the bad guy. A lot of the time ours turn out to be the person is not from here and some of these mountain folk have a total different belief when outsiders moving in..
  18. cschattner

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    All of my neighbors are ocd about lawn/home care that I don't think they have a single weed in their yard. My property was left wild for 5 years and is overgrown so I mowed as much as I could and fenced as much as I could for the horses before the frost set in.
    Sadly it was not nearly enough so my horses are visible from the road. I can't wait for spring, I will vanish into the brush.
  19. Gator 45/70

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    I think you've hit it!
    Your neighbors don't care for the smell of the horse nugget's in the am!
    Be a good neighbor and offer them free processed fertilizer for the flower beds/garden.
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  20. cschattner

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    2/4 of my neighbors have high dollar horses.
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