how the survival experts really survive...

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by Witch Doctor 01, May 12, 2012.

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    Lol, well in Bear's defense he does need to chow down before the 3 days extravaganza.... lol
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    I enjoy the scenery, Bear's camera crew is great.
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    no way he's a fake
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    I'd say that's accurate.

    Anyone that tussles with native food like that and survives deserves the name "survivor".

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    never liked bear grylls. id rather watch survivorman les stroud, at least he goes by himself.
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    For entertainment, I prefer Grylls. For reality, Stroud is probably closer to the mark; but god, he's depressing! He usually sits around the first day out doing nothing, except commenting on how much this is going to suck. The next day is spent talking about how much the night before sucked, and lamenting that he really should have built a shelter or a fire. The next day he finally gets around to finding something to eat, and then telling you how much it sucked. Then he starts walking his way out, saying things like, "I really shouldn't subject myself to this freezing water by crossing this creek.", and then doing it anyway. Then, he spends the rest of the day telling you what a mistake it was to immerse himself in that creek, and how freaking cold he is.

    Like I said, he's probably a lot closer to the mark reality-wise. I usually bitch a lot myself when I find myself in rotten situations, whether out loud or to myself; and stomping around in the Canadian north in the middle of winter, I know I would be doing some serious grumbling.
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    Every time I see 'Bear', I just cringe and hope that no one tries his antics in a real sitution. I've seen the man eat scavenged meat (Supposedly) and complain about how raunchy it was. Who needs a dose of the revenge when in a survival stuation. I've seen him skitter down the sides of nearlt verticle rock slides and risk breaking a bone. That would be fun! I just have no respect for the frat boy attitude he bbrings to the subject. Les Stroud as good as they get on the tube and so is Ray Mears from Britain. I like ray because he's built like me and doesn't look like a jock!
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    Yeah, Ray Mears is the best quality entertainment/education for the time spent by far.

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    I like Les, he was really the first "survivalist" I watched and thought his way of filming was great. Never like Bear, and I cringe when I thing the company I work for used Bear in an ad campaign, ugh.

    Thanks the tip on Ray, just watched that video and thought it was great!
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    Bear can be entertaining, but I feel he is able to act more reckless because he has his crew there with him and he know that if something happens to him, they will get him out. Makes it unrealistic for a real survival situation.
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    Right on! Next thing you know people are going to try and say professional wrestling is fake as well.
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    It is?"?
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    Some of these fellows that drink water in puddles ( still water) are not doing viewers any favors. Dysentery to Malaria, all are bad news. Dysentery can cause you to lose far too much fluid, very quickly.
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    One of my favoirite (NOT) Bear Grylis episodes was where he held up what looked like fresh horse dung and squeezed out the moisture directly into his mouth. That and a few stupid things like going down cliffs when you could more easily just go around made me quit watching. Do I think he could survive? Sure but he wouldn't do any of that fake stupid made for TV stuff.
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    I believe that was elephant dung, and commonly done in that part of the world as a survival trick from that region.
  18. I see somebody posted the ubiquitous Dick (Richard) Proenneke video, a favorite documentary of mine. A few years ago I stumbled upon another inspiring documentary about notable Alaskan homesteader Heimo Korth, which I think is every bit as good as "Alone in the Wilderness."

    If you are into the genre of hardcore survival on the 'edge' of civilization, I think you'll find this worth the fifty minutes of your time. Heimo survives largely on hunting and trapping and lives in ANWR (one of the few people allowed to live there), where he has lived for 25 or 30 some-odd years... about as long as Proenneke was out in the bush.

    There was also a book written about him as well which I also own and recommend: The Final Frontiersman: Heimo Korth and His Family, Alone in Alaska's Arctic Wilderness: James Campbell: 9780743453141: Books
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    Stroud's the man. Although I do agree with the earlier comments about his predictable ways. But still, when I think of Grylls(which I don't unless he happens to be on tv,lol), I think Van Damme. When I think of Stroud, it's Chuck Norris...Real. IMHO
  20. I think Grylls can survive just as well as most of the other experts and may have the distinct advantage if the situation required a greater degree of physical fitness (which not all survival situations will, but sometimes it is applicable).

    Grylls may be a showman, or even reckless, or a bad influence.... or whatever labels one might want to attach to him along those lines, but I've never really seen much evidence that he can't hold his own and that he isn't (a) reasonably knowledgeable in the subject and (b) that he doesn't possess the requisite physical and mental toughness often required (which is purportedly one of the key attributes of survival). JMHO.

    I'd give more credence to the critics if the issue were who had the best wilderness living skills and could flourish long-term (weeks, months, or years) with nature being the only resource available to them, but for short to mid term survival situations, particularly physically demanding ones, I think he'd wax most of the other guys butts if there ever was a hypothetical contest between them.
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