How to be alone: ‘I feel most alive when I'm with my own thoughts’

Discussion in 'Survival of the Fittest' started by HK_User, May 5, 2018.

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    For this reason I’ve had my radio turned off during my commute for about 6 months now. No more music, no news, and no commercials. Talk about peaceful. I even insert my earplugs. In my ears. Good post HK_User. :D
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    It's my preference. I can do whatever I want without someone asking why, or insisting it be done differently, or confusing the matter by inserting a bunch of completely unrelated drivel.
    Much to be said for being alone.
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    I wish that she had picked other examples, the most alone times I have are with my dog , watching the sun come up over a flood retention pond and the wild geese feeding, or working in my greenhouse or even cutting wood. All the time I am less than 10 minutes from home and the wife and not on some wild mountain. The wife, dog, and I can be just as alone on a quiet paddle in a boat, in the early morning or late afternoon as at the top of Mt McKinley at the end of a $20,000 politically correct tour. I am most alone when I am not alone and given my reading, working with plants, walking with wife and dog, etc, but quietly sharing the space with someone or something that does not intrude but share's it with you.
  5. Motomom34

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    I like walking my dog because it gives me quiet time. My best thinking times is when I am walking. I usually explore nature alone, I actually prefer it that way. Our home is quiet. I think the quiet in our house disturbs some people when they visit. People are used to background noise etc. we have quiet so you can hear the birds.

    I do know that sometimes being in your thoughts too much is not good.
  6. Seawolf1090

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    I am a loner by nature and preference. Keeps the ol' blood pressure down too.
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  7. Ganado

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    You and your wife are so lucky to have found each other, very few people can coexist like that. Lovely!
  8. Hanzo

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    My wife never understood why I prefer to hike alone. I'll go with the family too, but I like alone time as well.

    Four girls, if you include the dog. My house is almost never quiet. Except for now. Wifee took the dog to play with her doggie boyfriend and my girls are sleeping in. It's just me, my Ka`u coffee, the chirping of the birds and all of you.

    In my office, I cannot even smell the beef broth simmering. May have to go back downstairs.
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  9. ochit

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    Alone - separate, apart, or isolated from others:
    1. want to be alone. the exclusion of all others or all else: One cannot live by bread alone.
    3.unique; unequaled; unexcelled * what I would like to be.
    He is alone among his peers in devotion to duty.
    4.solitarily; solely: prefers to live alone.
    5.only; exclusively.
    6. without aid or help

    We are never alone especially in the ID ( internal mind or suoerego ) we are a construct of an amalgam of humanity that you were reared by, with or met even if they are not with you or in this realm. To accept that there is a creator and there is a destructor who abhors humanity, in any person's alone time the mind ferments the seeds of action negative or positive if we are not grounded in responsibility our ideas become dangerous read Mein Kampf, There is no more important time that opens you up to the possibilities, responsibility or the scrutiny of your life lived. to contemplate the importance of your actions the beauty of your life or place your at or in, and those in it or the way ahead.

    When I hunt, I hunt by myself because there is a singularity of mind and purpose where all other thoughts are not compelling enough to invade my concentration. When stalking you have to focus on all your senses and all dimensions that surround you the moment alone exists, there is no past no future there is only the object of my pursuit and it does not exist until it appears if it is only heard it is not a reality so my focus only grows more intently.

    I can be alone in a crowd, my awareness only disturbed by a proximal sense or verbal acknowledgement from another easier done in a museum or library. Unless there is an exchange of information even in a pastoral passive setting there is no value. The unseen information is beauty or peace almost the same in perfect understanding but, only if it is a glance, nature is anything but peaceful, the river cuts the bank forcing out the animals that live there, the hawk seeks the flesh of the vermin, weeds overtake the grass, reptiles assault the insect world with a determination that any general wish he could extract from his troops in a never ending battle that only keeps the two combatants numbers in check, or we would be overtaken by the victor.

    Humanity cannot live in a state of fear wanting or anxiety forever we imagine peace it does not exist as a fact only as a belief and it shattered easily like a wisp of smoke is dissipated by the wind. I have been alone in some very dark situations and have had all of the emotions of that moment wash over me on the other side, alone basking in memory of a still warm event either physical or an accomplishment maybe both

    Alone means I am not engaged or relevant because it took time for me to get there away from others, time to realize the moment, time I relatively do not have as life is a grain of sand in the sea of time. Some equate alone equaling peace or tranquility we all need it so when we come back we if we have the capacity to understand that the world has not stopped there is no Irish wake for our absence and none of our friends or enemies are dancing a jig, that means I need to try harder to piss of my enemies bolster my friends and make if nothing else a skid mark in those who oppose me drawers, and if I am alone watchful because my enemies are seeking me out.

    I am of the thinking proposed by Thomas Jefferson,"Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everyone is standing around reloading“.
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  10. Seawolf1090

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    Occasionally coworkers would tell me I was talking to myself. (And I was!)
    I told them that was sometimes the only way to have an intelligent conversation. ;)
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  11. Seacowboys

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    Alone is a choice, loneliness sort of like stepping in cow shit while enjoying a walk.
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  12. Wild Trapper

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    I'm an INTJ!
    Alone time is survival time for me.
  13. Seepalaces

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    Me too!
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  14. Yard Dart

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    I fell asleep on my deck today after doing yard work...... I felt so alone as I snored with 5 dogs surrounding me doing the same......... it was priceless to not have any distractions.!! :)
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  15. ochit

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    Another way is to piss off the significant other and poof your alone :whistle:
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    LMAO my dog wakes me up with his farts, MAN DO THEY STINK best way to describe its like burnt hair a dead animal and cabbage cooking had him checked hes fine my lungs look like a 2 pack a day smoker. He has bent the fence chewing on it because he hates the UPS dude he can hear that truck a mile away, I have a barrel for the packages and the driver and my dog have a game he tries to get it in the barrel and my dog tries to get him or the package so far UPS dude has only lost one shirt but a few packages have looked a bit frazzled. Styrofoam BB's or worms all over and he thinks he can talk.
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    Holy smokes! That describes me to a 'T'!

    I don't mind being alone and actually like it. But, I have found that there are times that I truly need the wife around. Recently, my cat (my best buddy) past away while the wife was out of the country visiting her mother and it was really hard going through that alone. I guess it showed me that I am not the rock that I once was...but that's okay. :) I have often thought that I would be one of those perfect types to send on a space voyage because being alone doesn't bother me and actually prefer it sometimes as I can get more accomplished and it makes things less complicated; although, sometimes an extra set of hands is very handy.

    I remember reading somewhere that 'Freedom is when you can finally tell the world to go to hell' and there is nothing better than a good book, a quiet house, and telling the world to go to hell for a while.

    @ochit "...we imagine peace but it does not exist as a fact only as a belief..."
    I like this. I never thought about this but you are indeed correct. Yes, it is only a belief...there is always war/conflict of some sort, on some level, on each and every aspect of life.
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