How To Buy Potatoes “The Insiders Secret”

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  1. How to buy potatoes has been a subject that many have talked about in the past. I decided to give you my way of buying potatoes. I would love to hear how you buy your potatoes for food storage.
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    Believe it or not, they grow excellent potatoes here in Florida. Hastings, Florida has an annual Potato Festival, and bills itself as the potato capital of Florida. Potatoes being seasonal, can be found in season at a few of the flea markets in my area quite cheaply in 50 pound bags. We don't have the natural cooler storage you have many places around the country. Thanks for the bump on this subject. Last year they were available for as cheap as $8 per 50 lbs. Be prepared to dehydrate or home can or otherwise use them up rather than waste them. The flea market in Waldo usually has them this time of year.
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    Buy? Most farmers in my area will let you glean from the fields, hence the taters are free. Or you can't beat having friends who work the harvest, they usually get all the free spuds they want and will gladly get you a box or bag full.
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