How to catch and cook duck with herbs in the forest

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    According to Eastern Medicine, duck contains many good substances which do good for our health. Therefore, when prepared with the medicinal herbs will create strange food and increase the resistance of the body, help your family quickly recover full energy after a week at work, learning which is stress and fatigue.

    Especially, this dish is very suitable for those who are debilitating body and new sick. Let ‘s discover how to make duck herbs by traditional recipe.

    For how to make duck stew with herbs in the traditional way, the preparation of raw materials for dishes is quite important. Here are the ingredients:

    · 1 kilogram duck meat

    · Herbs: 100 grams wormwood, 100 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of mushrooms, 100 grams of mangosteen, 2 grams of potatoes, 100 grams of dried apples, 50 grams of ginkgo biloba.

    · Spices: salt, pepper, oil, garlic,…

    After preparing the ingredients, let's begin by exploring how to make duck herbs in traditional recipes. The steps are as follows:

    Step 1: Prepare duck meat:

    Boil some water and use it to make duck’s feather easy to remove.

    After removing duck’s feather, cleaning it carefully. Rinse the duck inside and out with cold water.

    Step 2: Cook duck meat with herbs:

    Put duck meat, herbs into a pot. Remember to season to taste with spices.

    Step 3: Wait for an hour, keep fire for your pot.

    Check out this video to see how aborigines cook duck with herbs in the forest.

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    I like duck! Where is the area they are in?
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    Ours are easy to catch. Just wait for them to go back to the pens in the evening, after their day of swimming, sauna, Jacuzzi, and massage.
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    Yeah that's the way I catch my wife too.[gone]
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