How to clean Perch in 10 sec

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  1. Quigley_Sharps

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    Old Indian trick
  2. Dont

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    Now thats slick.. The vid's on cleaning a pike where good as well..
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  3. firekey

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    actually, took 60 seconds. timed it. Be far faster with something like a table to lay/brace it upon.
  4. Mike

    Mike Ol' Army Sergeant Monkey

    Its always slower when you are demonstrating. If you weren't doing show and tell at each step, it would be fast. Seems strange that you felt the need to stopwatch something like this.
  5. firekey

    firekey Monkey

    I usually check any claims about time to do this or that, cause FEW have any sense of timing at all. Especially relative to shooting or fast draw. People are often twice as slow as a really fast man, and "think" that they are fast. Like running a 20 second 100 yd dash. You'll fast only relative to a cripple.
  6. Mike

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    True, but having done my share of instructing, demonstrating and holding up for observation, what you are doing and can do pretty much without thought under normal circumstances, is considerably slower. I understand that some can't recognize that, and look for faults in other people to bolster their own image. My image is a 60 year old man, with fake hips, who wouldn't even consider a dash anywhere.
  7. BTPost

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    @Mike Us Old Guys don't need to "Dash" anywhere.... because we know, that No ONE can out run a 2000 ft/sec Projectile, no matter how fast they "Dash"........ Smarts, over Muscles, any day of the week......

    It is like I used to tell LEOs back in the day, when I was a Comms Guru for a bunch of local Cop Shops. It is no use chasing Bad Guys, in cars out on the County Roads. They are NEVER faster than your Radio, which works at the Speed of Light. Cop Radios were a new fangled invention, out in Farm Country, back then.

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  8. kellory

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    What is it the snipers say? "Don't run, you will only die tired."
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